Eco Friendly Sunglasses From Zeal Optical For 2017

ZEAL Optics is ready to catch some Vitamin D with the latest addition to its sunglass collection – Drifter.  Built for adventure, the Drifter takes advantage of Zeal’s eco-friendly technology and versatile design to be an instant classic that steps up to the demands of outdoor exploration.

Zeal Optics

Built around an 8-base Z-Resin frame and polarized Ellume lenses, the Drifter stays in place and keeps your vision clear when adventure calls.  The incredibly lightweight, plant-based Z-Resin frame and Ellume polarized, bio-plastic lens, both of which are made from castor bean resin, not only shield your eyes from harmful UV rays, they also protect the great outdoors by reducing ZEAL’s environmental footprint.  From the mountain to the waves, Drifter is the perfect fit for warm-weather action.

Zeal Optics

“We’re very excited to kick off our 2017 sunglass line with the release of Drifter,” says ZEAL Director of Brand Activation and Digital Strategy Mike Lewis. “Drifter, and the rest of the collection we’re launching in the coming months, are inspired by the Colorado lifestyle and are built with timeless, stylish designs, that incorporate performance features that go seamlessly from lazy das at the beach or river to your next century, marathon or fourteener summit.”

ZEAL Optics continues to utilize advanced technology in creating the most environmentally conscious sunglasses on the market. Ellume polarized lenses are constructed out of plant-based materials for a lens that combats eye fatigue, while shielding against all UVA/B/C rays and HEV light. The lens also incorporates color-enhancers that bring any landscape to vivid life, with unparalleled clarity. The Drifter’s Z-Resin frame is made from castor bean oil, derived from a sustainable perennial plant that withstands drought and thrives on marginal lands. Plant-based production for Z-Resin doesn’t compete with food crops and reduces the carbon footprint of the manufacturing process.

The Drifter is a unisex frame available in four colorways – Grey Woodgrain, Torched Woodgrain, Matte Black and Matte Tortoise – and priced at $149.  The Drifter is also available for prescription lenses.  For more information please visit

 About ZEAL Optics

Based in Boulder, CO, ZEAL is focused on creating the best optics that are built for life outdoors. As a company inspired by the natural world that surround us, Zeal is dedicated to reducing their environmental footprint. ZEAL’s sunglass collection is completely petroleum-free, and made from renewable plant-based materials. ZEAL is also known for revolutionizing the goggle market with its “Automatic+” lens that blends polarized film and photochromic technology into a single lens. For more info visit and follow @zealoptics on Instagram and Facebook.

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