Eco Friendly Gucci Eyewear Made With Liquid Wood

I am always surprised and very happy when major designers are going ‘Eco’. Last year, Gucci Eyewear launched their first ‘Eco Friendly Eyeglasses’ made with Castor Oil and this year utilizing the same liquid wood that Bennetton uses for their hangers, they have developed the Biodegradable Liquid Wood Shades. This will be the very first Liquid wood sunglasses! For those who want to know, Liquid Wood (known as the plastic of tomorrow) takes wood fibers from sustainable managed forests (different that FSC certified wood) lignin from paper manufacturing and natural wax to make these

Along with the Liquid Wood Eyewear, Gucci will be introducing a foldable eyeglass case case that will reduce carbon emissions by 60%, just due to weight and transportation costs.

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