Eco Friendly Eyewear From Veiga Eyewear

New eyewear company Veiga hails from Australia. We applaud their striving for zero waste by reusing natural materials. There are two elements to Veiga Eyewear: the online eyeglasses and the design-your-own models. Both the eyewear and  sunglasses temples are made from salvaged Australian hardwoods which are acquired from sources such as old bridges, fence posts, driftwood. (We think that is pretty cool) The temples are strengthen with Flax Fibre. (Very Eco)

Iluka made with iron wood temples

Iluka made with iron wood temples

The Bespoke Service is a ‘Create Your Own’ Eyewear’. The wearer selects through an assortment of slate stone and salvaged materials. One picks a front style, then picks the temples as well as the lens. Prescription options are also available.

It is a simple set up. The styles are the basic retro inspired, some with keyhole bridges, which make it easy to fit most noses. Colors are tortoise and black with stone temple accents as an option.



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