Coco Song Eyewear- East Meets West Symbolic Eyeglasses

My lastest exotic eyewear discovery is Coco Song Eyewear that has an incredible fusion of eastern elegance and italian design.

Coco Song has used unusual materials such as leaves,  silk and feathers to bring luxurious texture and color to their acetate eyeglasses and then incorporated Chinese symbols into a jeweled decor. I love the decor, the symbols for Double Happiness, Chinese Theatre Masks and Dragons really set this collection apart from any other.

Plus in in several styles they have actually written ancient chinese poems.

Get Hot- Sterling Silver Dragon, swarkovski eye, Acetate and Silk front and temple.

Sexed Up: Double Happiness Symbol

Big Sky: Double Happiness Symbol, Acetate and Silk

They do have a sunglass collection although the catalogue is not online as of yet. I love the line, the colors, the texture, the use of symbols, the feathers and the silk and bringing together of east meeting west.

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  1. No, I am sorry we don’t. Check out their website

  2. christine Schupelius says:

    do you still sell coco song glasses please