Charmant Launches Eco Friendly Eyewear

Charmant launched their first eco friendly eyewear collection earlier this year. Called Awear, the sustainable collection is made from bio-based plastic and green practices are made in the production of the fashion eyewear and sunwear.


Key Sustainable Initiatives

  • Frames & Sun Lenses Utilize Sustainable Materials: All frames are made with sustainable materials (bio-based plastic) that are recyclable.
  • Reduction in CO2 Emissions: plants, the origin of the bio-based materials, absorb carbon dioxide.
  • Water Conservation: material features high chemical resistance, eliminating the need for typical spray coating, which reduces water usage in production.
  • Decreased Energy Consumption: temples are hand assembled.
  • Biodegradable Demo Lenses: demo lenses are made from polylactic acid, a carbon
    neutral material.




awear, a new eyewear brand by CHARMANT, envisions making the world a better place with both style and substance. Developed in Japan, awear features the latest technology to create the ultimate in unique and ergonomic designs. Merging sustainable manufacturing with fashion-forward style and comfort, six key eco-conscious elements are integrated into every featherweight pair of awear: all frames and sun lenses utilize sustainable materials, CO2 emission reduction, water conservation during production, decreased energy consumption, biodegradable demo lenses, and flexible temple design providing an ergonomic, comfortable fit. awear is available at independent eyewear retail shops and regional chains beginning in January 2016.


Since it’s founding in 1956 as a manufacturer of optical spare parts in Japan, CHARMANT Group has endeavored to create top-quality, state-of-the-art eyewear, thereby maximizing the satisfaction and well being of its customers. CHARMANT continuously pursues the highest degree of quality and comfort for its customers. As a result of continuous developments and the optimization of its own technology, CHARMANT Group is an established worldwide leading eyewear manufacturer. Exclusive high-tech procedures and special production techniques have made the CHARMANT Group globally renowned name for titanium frames.

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