Sight Saving Sunday: Visualizing Eye Health

World Sight Day is in October of every year. In a survey over 5,000 people stated that loss of sight is a primary concern for many. Interestingly enough, we wonder if they book an annual eye exam. Did you know that that 80% of blindness in the world is preventable?

What 3D Can Tell You About Your Vision

What if the 3-D movie adventure, instead of being a wonderful experience of visual delight turned into a woeful experience of headache and feeling yucky? Why would something created to be a super cool entertainment experience be not so wonderful? And does the inability to enjoy a 3-D movie reveal something more seriously wrong with […]

Saving Sight Sunday: Your Eyes Can Give You Away Infographic

They say the eyes are the windows to your soul and or for that matter, will give away things, like drinking and drugs, lies, and flirting. Fun info graphic on what your eyes may say about you . Created by Lasik Eyes 

Kickstarting Monday: Alliance4Hope

Another eyecare organization,  Alliance 4 Hope was on Indiegogo, did not make their fundraising goal. Unfortunate, because this was a true Do Good company. This is what they say: The majority of learning for children in school is through sight, so vision impairment has far reaching effects when it occurs at a young age. The problem […]

Sight Saving Sunday: Vision Problems in The United States

Vision Problems in the United States are just going to get worse as we live longer, spend more time in front of computers, eat worst food, get fatter and expose ourselves to the sun without protective eyewear.

Sight Saving Sunday: How Good Is Good Vision?

Sight Saving Sunday features an info graphic on How Good is Good Vision? Like how do you know you need a pair of glasses or need to get your eyes examined? One big clue is squinting, another is having a hard time driving at night.. and the old.. arm adjustment method. Check out the other […]

Sight Saving Sunday: What Is Corneal Blindness?

Corneal Blindness is a visual impairment that occurs when the cornea becomes clouded or scarred. When the cornea becomes non transparent, it make a person blind. In that case a Cornea Transplant may be recommended.