Dual Functionality Sunwear: Payment Sunglasses

It’s summertime, lots of activities, vacations, beaches, all reason why these Waveshades would be perfect accessories for those who don’t want to carry a bag or wallet. Company Inamo partnered with Visa to develop Waveshades, sunglasses and payment card all in one. Launched at the 2017 Laneway Festival in Brisbane (followed by Melbourne, Adelaide, Sydney & Perth) […]

Eyes Of The Future Using 3D Printed Contact Lens

3D printed anything is definitely a global trend. In the optical industry, 3D printed eyeglasses are already being made, the first 3D printed lenses are being developed and not 3D printed contact lenses. Princeton’s LED 3D printer has taken the next step beyond printing quantum dot LEDs: it has managed to integrate them with a […]

Kickstarting Monday: Tiny Screen For Smartglasses

Tiny Screen has raised over 43,000 of their $15,000 goal on Kickstarter to manufacturer their Tiny Screen which can be used in smart glasses, smart watches, watch a video, play games. This little device is the size or a thumb. Extremely mobile, this little computer is compact and could be made into jewelry, used a […]

Find My Glasses Eyewear By Tzukuri

If you have ever used the Find My iPhone feature on your computer, you will know this is a very handy tool to find your glasses. Japanese based Tzukuri Eyewear  has taken the same concept and embedded  a beacon in the eyeglasses that links up with your iPhone.  The phone will tell you not to […]

Kickstarting Monday: Locate Sunglasses and Eyeglasses Via Smartphones

Unfortunately Glasses TrackR did not make their goal in Indiegogo. I think about the millions of eyeglasses that have been lost or misplaced. This could be useful for the elderly, for kids, it’s pretty cool. Great for going to beach, late nite parties, I can see this. Here is what they say: Glasses TrackR is […]

Augmented Reality App From HOYA Vision Care

Augmented Reality Allows Patients to Experience the Benefits of Their New HOYA Lenses Before They Buy Them  LEWISVILLE, TEXAS, (December 6, 2012) HOYA Vision Care Europe have developed and made available in the U.S. market an augmented reality app for the iPad, known as the HOYA Vision Consultant Viewer, or HVC Viewer for short. The […]

First Australian Bionic Eye Prototype Implanted

In a major development, Bionic Vision Australia researchers have successfully performed the first implantation of an early prototype bionic eye with 24 electrodes. Ms Dianne Ashworth has profound vision loss due to retinitis pigmentosa, an inherited condition. She has now received what she calls a ‘pre-bionic eye’ implant that enables her to experience some vision. A […]