Kensie Sunwear For Summer 2010

Kensie Eyewear distributed by Kenmark Optical Spring Summer 2010 Sunglass collection has just started showing up in eyewear stores, Nordstroms and Dillards. The latest look from Kensie combines teen street fashion with high fashion. I particularly liked the style Lena, with open lock-like temples, good for visibility and a step away from the retro wayfarer […]

Sutro Safety Sport Sunglass With Distinctive Hinge

Sometimes you look at sports and performance eyewear and it looks about the same. Sutro ‘Safety Sport’ Eyewear has evolved a different take on the spring hinge, a necessity in sports and performance sunglass or eyeglass products. Jeff Sand knows what he is talking and designing about, having come from the sports design industry. Of […]

Eye-Vision Myself In Romantic France With Seraphin New Sunwear

Seraphin’s new collections for Summer 2010 features the  France Sun, a graceful reminder of yesterday.  Lacy detailing on the frame, makes me think of warm summer  romantic nites in the Cote D’ Azur. I could see wearing theses with a white linen flowing dress, shopping and strolling in Cannes. The gentle uplift, the cut-out detailing […]

Pink Shoot With Pink Eyewear By David Roemer

Source Trend Hunter – Photographer David Roemer and model Alana Kuznetsova have their own ‘Pretty In Pink’ Look going with this fashion shoot for Velvet Magazine. Not quite sure who’s eyewear- sunglasses these are, as this translucent pink is one of the trendiest and hottest  sunglass looks for spring- summer 2010.

Creative Eyewear Sunwear Video

I don’t know who this eyewear company is, I just liked the video and the music and the eyewear, so I thought I would put it up. No information is available YouTube.

New Luxury Hip Hop Eyewear Collection by Forever K. Michael

February 14, 2010 ATLANTA, GA – The Forever K. Michael Collection is trailblazing into the spring season with an arsenal of cool ad campaigns presently being prepared for launch. Founder, Khristian Michael, is taking his passion for music and using it as a backdrop for his new but highly-acclaimed designer eyewear line. In doing this, […]

Crap Eyewear- Party On Dudes!

Here you go, a bunch of surfers get together and party along and name their new eyewear line Crap Eyewear. What can you say, it’s So Cal and So Fun. You can find a store locator on the site with lots of party pics!  Party on Dudes! Oh you can find them on Facebook and […]