MDG Madonna For Dolce and Gabbana Sunglasses Video

The official teaser for the new campaign of Madonna for Dolce & Gabbana new sunglasses. Typical Madonna Marketing in black and white, lots of lips and hints of sex.

Alexandre Zouari 2010 Luxury Sunwear

I think half the reason I write up these sunglasses is I want to know who the ‘designers’ are. Alexandre Zouari is a top hair stylist in France, with a really bad website. I know these ‘artists’ want a website that reflects their vision, but I want a website that is easily navigable. First you […]

WTAPS TET Sunglasses Summer 2010

I have a insatiable curiosity whenever I see an eyewear company/brand that I have never heard of, I just have to find out more.  Since I am older, I don’t get too much into the streetwear brands that are all the rage, apparently I need to. That said, when WTAP’s TET Sunglasses came across my […]

Adam Kimmel x Selima For Sunwear 2010

Fashion designer Adam Kimmel designed a set of sunglasses for eyewear retailer and manufacturer Selima. – Spring-Summer 2010 sunglasses. Two different styles, the Eagle Eye and Welder are shown here but a few others are available. They are now available through TRES BIEN. Source: Hypebeast

Tiffany Charm Sunglasses For Summer 2010

Everywhere you go, people have charms dripping all over. Backpacks, cell phone, ipods, wallets, purses. Tiffany’s Luxury  Summer 2010 Sunwear has charm insets in the temples. Each pair of sunglasses comes with three sets of charms, so you can mix and match them depending on your mood. The charms are a Tiffany ‘T’, a Tiffany […]

Tourneau Retro Summer Sunwear 2010

The latest retro and modified wrapped  sunwear from Tourneau is a sporty attention getter for the man who wants wearable fashion and performance in his sunglasses.  The Sunglasses come with polarized lenses with a choice  in brown and grey. The Tourneau Style TS 24 is available in tortoise and black

Scandinavian Sunwear Spring Summer 2010

Clean lined Scandinavian design are known for simplicity and functionality. Three  scandavian eyewear/ fashion companies have released their Spring Summer 2010 Sunglass Collection, the latest in eyewear trends Cheap Monday,  streetwear look above sunglasses are  modified wayfarer-ish styling. Whyred another Street Wear fashion house release a rounded version of the wayfarer. $340 USD   Source: […]