Ferrari Eyewear 2010

Ferrari Eyewear for 2010 looks like vintage Porsche eyewear. Porsche had the same lens clip on look back in the 80’s. Well Retro is in, so why not just make your own updated copy. Ferrari Eyewear is distributed by Marcolin Eyewear. ‘Ferrari’s history is split into two main sections: the first is linked closely to […]

Oakley Limited Edition Radar Path-Anti Freeze With Jade Iridium

From a women’s perspective- I love the color! From the Oakley perspective: They say it’s the color of the word “go” and it screams of freedom, nature and endurance. We don’t know about all that touchy-feely crap. We just think the color is sick, and you can only get it with these Oakley RADARS designed […]

Speedo’s Optical Swim Goggles Helps Vision Underwater

Speedo Junior Vanquisher Optical Swim Goggle includes three interchangeable nose pieces and a choice of a corrective lens to help see better underwater. Available from Amazon for about $12.00

The Importance of A Scuba and Diving Mask

There’s a lot more to consider when investing in a scuba diving mask than you might think. Everyone has a unique face and head shape. It’s important that the mask conform to your face and create a water tight seal. A mask that doesn’t seal properly can be very frustrating and limit the enjoyment on […]

RAEN Sunglasses Announces Limited Edition With Alex Knost

The 2010 sophomore collection for RAEN Optics includes its first co-op frame. With the brand’s roots steeped in surfing and music, it was only natural to align with multi-talented longboard rebel and musician (Japanese Motors, tomorrows tulips), Alex Knost. Staying true to RAEN’s vintage-inspired foundation, the “Flowers” frame is a throwback to the days at […]

Fashion Sunwear by BBH The New Sun Lady

The new SUN sunglasses collection from BOGNER Eyes 2009 engenders much enthusiasm with its wide variety of designs. The collection plays with elegant shapes and stylish elements – proving once more that BOGNER has the Dolce Vita look for people of good taste. Top quality acetate combined with progressive tinted sun lenses – this season’s […]

Sabre Sunglass Collection 2010

The Sabre Sunglass Collection of 2010. Supposely you can find all this out on their website, but I couldn’t find it. In fact, I don’t really get their website at all. Could not find product, the locator did not seem to be working. Check it out yourself.