Philippe Rouge Sunwear

Swiss based Eyewear Design company Philippe Rouge Eyewear is meticulous as only the Swiss know how to be. The details are impeccable: Tri-layered Mazzucchelli 1849 zyl acetate,  inlays on the top bar and temples, wavy mold temples, rivets on the front, wire core down the temples, make this a top quality sunglass. We love the round […]

WileyX Supports National Sunglass Day

June 27th is National Sunglasses Day, and Wiley X® is fully behind the need for this countrywide education program from The Vision Council and the message it strives to drive home — that Americans need to wear UV protective sunglasses every time they go outside. According to The Vision Council, 75 percent of Americans are […]

Otis Sea Glass Sunnies x Russ Pope

OTIS Eyewear, an Australian-founded, premium, 100% mineral glass lens eyewear brand releases the Sea Glass Collection in collaboration with artist Russ Pope. Worn by waves, recycled by the sea, sea glass is a product of both man and nature. Sea glass begins as bottles and glass that has made its way to the shore, broken, […]

Good Looking Gamine NYC Sunglasses

New artisan sunglass company Gamine NYC was founded in 2015 under the premise of minimal and unisex styling. Gamine NYC is made in Italy, utilizes Mazzucchelli 1949 Zyl Acetate and Carl Zeiss lenses.  

Fathers Day Eyewear: Rimless Aviators

What says hero more than Aviator Sunglasses? Lightweight, strong titanium rimless by Silhouette are the perfect gift for Fathers at any age. We also love the dimensional aviator with a square cut out bridge.  

Shwood SeaShell Sunglasses

Shwood is known for using innovative materials in their sunglasses. This year they are using SeaShells. Using high pressure resin casing they are fused together to re-make the Canby, Bailey and Mckenzie eyewear.      

Slime Time Shades By Hayley Elsaesser

Hayley Elsaesser’s Slime Time Sunglasses are just what the Ghostbusters ordered. Large, round, sunglasses are dripping with glitter and shine in the sun. Hayley Elsaesser is a designer based out of Canada who creates whimisical and kitsch clothing. These are the perfect sunglasses for those who still laugh at the gross -out factor, eat those […]