WileyX Launches New RX Ready -Eye Protective Eyewear

Leading eyewear innovator Wiley X, Inc. is adding new models to its product line-up for 2016, delivering bold styling, sharp, distraction-free vision and state-of-the-art eye protection. These exciting new Rx-ready eyewear options cover three of Wiley X’s most popular collections — the Climate Control Series, Active Lifestyle Series and Changeable Series. The new WX Boss […]

Nuitt Earth Lenses Inspired by Inuits

Getting and interpreting the light, capturing its shades and colours within sophisticated lenses to protect our eyes while giving us a brighter world view. In a nutshell, this is what makes NUIIT ­the new Turin brand of eyewear ­ so unique and attractive. NUIIT research and development of a new technology specifically focus on our eyes. […]

New Sunwear Launch: GRO

I was just at the Zoo and in reviewing the newly launched independent eyewear brand GRO, the colors remind me  of nature colors: Polar Bears, Pandas, Zebras, Snow Leopards, Lions, Jaguars and some avians. I can’t think of anything more distinctive that design mimicking nature. Their focus was to produce distinctive luxury eyewear. The design team are […]

Ducati x Italia Independent Limited Edition Motorcycle Sunglasses

MIAMI, Fla. and BOLOGNA, Italy – The collaboration between Ducati and Italia Independent fielded its first creation: the Ducati Scrambler Italia Independent Motorcycle which will produce a limited edition and numbered total of 1,077 motorcycles.  Unveiled at an art exhibition in Miami, Fla, Each vehicle is embellished with an aluminum plate, laser-marked with the bike’s serial number […]

Polaroid Rainbow Collection – Adults & Kids

Polaroid was founded to democratize better color, clarity and details through the original polarized lens in 1937. Polaroid has stuck to these principles ever since. The color aspect has been symbolized with the iconic rainbow attached to the logo in different forms since the brand was founded. As a tribute to this colorful icon, Polaroid […]

Flawless and Fabulous: Seraphin’s Bailey Sunglass

Seraphin enriches its world-renowned collection of neoclassical eyewear with the Bailey Sun, its latest release. This sophisticated sunglass exhibits all of the hallmarks of the brand’s most memorable pieces—including the iconic fleur-de-lis emblem—while embodying Seraphin’s cherished philosophy of modernizing vintage designs. Flawless and fabulous, the Bailey Sun is a butterfly sunglass with a bounty of […]

Seven Spiked And Studded Sunglasses

Punk rock music arrived in 1960s and seriously thrived in the 1970s-1980s.  Meanwhile spiked and studded punk-inspired fashion remains a constant: ironically bringing order to a genre otherwise known for disorder.  The major fashion houses remind us that punk is here to stay as spiky and studded clothes and accessories are constantly splattered models rocking their […]