Arriba Adidas Sunwear

Arriba- Yellow Lens

Arriba means up in Spanish, but the exciting new sunglass style from adidas eyewear offers clean vision up, down, and all around! Runners, cyclists, ball players, and even fashionistas will enjoy the “no frame” all around uninhibited vision and wrap protection this sunglass provides. The eye-popping … [Read more...]

Purring Over Make Me Meow Sunglasses

Meow Eyewear

Sometimes you feel like a kitten and sometimes you don't, which is why we are totally charmed by the Cat-Eye Kitten EyeGlasses, that give the option to have/wear ears or not. (They screw on) And we have a choice of what types of ears we prefer. Larger, medium size and rounds, and pointed. Sunwear … [Read more...]

Posture Solving Eyeglasses

Posture Eyeglasses

Los Altos, CA -- A Silicon Valley entrepreneur has invented the first eyewear scientifically designed to improve posture. This unusual innovation is designed to correct an individual's head position. The head weighs as much as a bowling ball. Positioning it badly drags the shoulders and body forward … [Read more...]

Massada Eyewear: A Tale of Lust and Caution

lust (8)(1)

Massada eyewear is the love child of couple Chris and Kate.  These lovebirds share a passion for frames and two years ago they co-merged this love into lusty eyeglass designs.  Massada boasts both sunglasses and optical frames and we are certain everyone can find something to love in their … [Read more...]

Tom Reblr Eyewear Distinctive Bridge

Tom Reblr

Innovative and cutting edge, once again TOM REBL EYEWEAR is placing a collection destined to leave its mark under the spotlight. The TRS06 model is TOM REBL’s take on the classic aviator, proposed here in two shapes: one traditional, and one more angular.  Steel is the star of the show. There … [Read more...]

Wiley X Supports National Youth Sports Safety Month


Annual April Program Seeks Ways to Make Young Athletes Safer, Reduce Sports-Related Injuries Many of today’s most popular youth sports, including basketball, soccer and tennis, present a wide range of dangers to the eyes of young athletes. It’s for this reason that Wiley X — a company known for … [Read more...]

Flirty Lace Sunglasses Are Feminine And Refined

HD Sparkle 4 Close

OKIA Eyewear presents “HD Sparkle”, a really surprising blend of high technology and fashion that will seduce the feminine public through its glamorous elegance. Inspiration can come from anywhere and, thanks to the incredible creative opportunities opened by its patented HDA® Technology, … [Read more...]