Braille Credit Card Could Be In The Works

Braille Credit Cards? Yes, who would have believed it. This new design for a Braille Credit card, displays the transaction in braille and via audio confirms it back. Good news for visually impaired people. Great information is on Yanko Design here.

New Uses For Eyewear Telescopes

Just got the new Craft Optics blog post and he brought up a great point on why you would need a telescopic attachment to your eyewear- beading and fine electronics. In previous blogs, I wrote about jewelry artists, needlepoint artists, cross-stitchers, and tattoo artists among many others. The latest areas to cross my path are […]

Visually Impaired Teen Creates Works Of Art

14 Year old teen in Kansas is creating works of art an inspiration to all visually impaired people.

3D Braille Map That Talks

A new navigational Braille Map called The Brainovi  used verbal instructions and touch to assist the blind in traveling alone. They speak the destination into the device and a 3D Braille map shows up so that they can feel their way to the destination. Designers: Seung-Hyun Yoon, Seol-Hee Son & Ji-Youn Kim Source: Yanko Design

Legally Blind Brian Fishchler Laugh For Sight NonProfit

Optelec teamed up with writers, directors and producers Drew Antzis and Tamara Bick who are most notable for work with The film stars Brian Fischler, a nationally recognized, legally blind stand-up comedian and Founder of Laugh for Sight not-for-profit who was diagnosed with Retinitis Pigmentosa. It was shot throughout San Diego, including footage from […]

Optelec’s Vision Zone Unites Non Profits In New York Walk

New York City – Optelec U.S. Inc., a world leader in innovative and life changing assistive technologies for the blind and visually impaired, is bringing its VisionZone initiative, a nationwide movement to promote ocular health awareness, to the Foundation Fighting Blindness New York VisionWalk on May 23, 2010 in Central Park. More than 1,000 participants […]

Blind Vet Reaches Top of Mexican Mountain- Iztaccihuatl

LORI RACKL, Chicago Sun-Times GLEN ELLYN, Ill. (AP) ― After three days climbing one of the highest mountains in North America, it was time to make the final push to the summit. Chicago-area mountaineers Tom Lillig and Steve Baskis shivered in the cold, thin air as they packed their gear, ate some oatmeal and filled their water […]