Saving Sight Sunday: February Is Low Vision Awareness Month

February is Low Vision Awareness Month. Low Vision is when people cannot see even with eyeglasses, contact lens, medicine or surgery. Low Vision is usually caused by eye diseases or health disorders, eye injuries and birth defects.

Prevent Blindness Launches Low Vision Resource For Seniors

CHICAGO (Sept. 12, 2013) – Almost 3 million Americans have low vision, according to the National Eye Institute.  And, those numbers are expected to increase to more than 5 million by 2030 and close to 9 million by 2050.  Low vision is defined as vision loss that cannot be corrected with eyeglasses, medicine or surgery.  […]

EnChroma UV450 Sunglasses Provide Extreme Protection Without Blocking Colors

Berkeley, Calif. – EnChroma, announces the availability of EnChroma Cx.UV450, advanced protection sunglasses that boost color vision for those with sensitive eyes, low vision caused by serious eye conditions such as cataracts and glaucoma and those exposed to extreme sunlight. The UV450 are the first sunglasses that provide extreme protection without blocking colors. Current options […]

How CraftOptics Telescopes Work

If you have never seen CraftOptics in person, this new video is for you! Jeff walks you through how CraftOptics Telescopes and the CraftOptics DreamBeam work together to help you see with laser focus like you did when you were a kid. He’ll show you how they will help you see amazing detail while allowing […]

ALIVIOS Intelligent Eyewear For Low Vision Patients

ALIVIOS Intelligent eyewear is a new class of wearable, electronic assistive technology for people with low vision. Using a high resolution video camera and near-to-eye high performance video screens, ALIVIOS modifies whatever the wearer is looking at to maximize the effectiveness of their remaining sight.

Virtual Cane Uses Sonar To Help Visually Impaired See

We’ve seen a number of prototype and concept devices aimed at upgrading or even replacing the low-tech white cane and this latest example from Hebrew University – the Virtual Cane – appears close to becoming a commercial product. Virtual Cane is a handheld device that uses a type of sonar to recognize physical objects up […]

Guide Vest For Visually Impaired Acts As Eyes

We’ve looked at a number of efforts to extend the capabilities of the traditional white cane for the visually impaired, such as using ultrasonic echoes or lasers to give users a better lay of the land. But a group of engineering researchers at the University of Southern California (USC) are looking to do away with […]