Celebrating Scuba Month With Scuba Style Shades

June is National Scuba month and we bring to you a historical look at how Scuba Style Shades  and Goggles have infected the runways and fashion over the last several decades. Some of these are more the Flyboy look but back then, they were one and the same. Scuba Masks? Goggles or Safety?    

Where Did Elton John’s Eyewear Go?

Elton John is one of the leading Trendsetters Of Funk and Fun Eyewear. Over the years he has worn thousands of eyeglasses, with rumors saying he has more than 250,000 pairs. While much has been written about Elton John eyewear, one wonders where are they? Now we know! Safilo opened up a digital eyewear museum […]

Eyewear Now And Then: Alain Mikli x Jeremy Scott

Everything that goes around comes around and we see it for Jeremy Scott’s Spring Summer Runway show 2017 featuring the iconic asymmetrical 1980’s sunglass by Alain Mikli. This sunglass put Alain Mikli on the map so to say, with celebrities such as Elton John loyal followers. 1980’s Alain Mikli’s sunglass came in a variety of […]

Vintage Summer Olympic Games Sunwear

The Summer Olympics are coming up fast in, we thought we troll through some vintage Olympic sunglass to see how styles have changed over the years. (Not much)  The first Olympics sunglasses we could find were from Rayban in 1928. In fact Rayban was the most consistent producer of sunwear with an Olympic Styles. 1984 […]

Nine Sunglasses With Safety Pins For National Safety Pin Day

How many of us have lost a screw in our eyeglass temples and that handy safety pin works like a charm. Safety Pins have been used since Walter Hunt invented them in 1849 to pay off a $12 debt. At first the safety pin was used as a convenient way to hold things together particularly […]

History of Aleut- Eskimo Eyewear

Aleut eyewear was worn by those in the frozen north for hundreds of years before the concept was re-introduced as fashion in the 1930’s, the 1950’s, the 1960’s, 1970’s, 1980’s and into the 2000’s.  Aleutians and or Eskimos wore what slits to protect their eyes from snow blindness. They were made of wood, walrus, leather […]

Persol Eyewear’s Sprightly Vintage Eyewear Ads

To meet the eyewear demands of sport drivers and pilots Persol eyewear founder Giuseppe Ratti started his iconic eyewear company in 1917. Today the brand is still revered for its durability, fashionability, and luxury. The trademark “Supreme Arrow” – often imitated but never duplicated – is featured on many of the sunglasses and eyeglasses and has become synonymous to the […]