Carottes Râpées (shredded carrots)

Febuary 3, 2016 is National Carrot Day . Today we are eyeing Carottes Rapees to help us celebrate one of the most important veggies you can eat for your eye health. French women make being chic seem effortless. We see it in their ability to look stunningly good in jeans, a simple cotton shirt and […]

Autologous Serum Drops for Chronic Dry Eye Treatment

Autologous serum has been used as an eye drop to treat severe chronic dry eye treatments for a long time.  We will be discuss some of the pros, cons and precautions with using autologous serum drops as dry eye treatment. Autologous serum is prepared from one’s own blood, which is more compatible with one’s own […]

Pesky “Red Eye” Effect in Photos Can Indicate Eye Diseases

Seeing red? That’s a good thing! Though many individuals groan upon seeing their eyes shining red in a photo (“I look like a demon!”), they should be happy to note that their eyes are in good health. And if there is only the red eye effect in one eye but not that other? That can […]

Simple Meditation for Dry Eye Relief

It has been well documented that stress causes depression, dry eyes and more.  Too many hours on the computer, worried about work, family, all adds up to a stressful day at work. Here is a simple meditation exercise you can do at work, at home, anywhere.   Stress reduction is one of the best dry eye […]

Leftover Turkey Pot Stickers

If your family is like ours and becomes both warm and cold Turkey sandwiches weary by the Saturday or Sunday after Thanksgiving, and if the thought of yet another large pot of turkey carcass and root vegetable soup no longer stirs the imagination, pot stickers may be just the thing to get your creative leftover […]

Research Linking Sjogren’s Disease to Hepatitis Delta Virus

It has been long suspected that many autoimmune diseases are associated with a bout of viral infections.  New research from National Institute of Health indicate the virus Hepatitis delta Virus maybe associated with Primary Sjogren’s Disease.  Of the 2 categories, Primary Sjogren’s have more severe symptoms, and they do not have another rheumatic disease associated […]

Eye Eat Healthy: Salmon Tartare

Thanksgiving celebration starts early in my family. An after lunch mountain hike, or a touch football game in the nearby park that includes all invited guests and a few neighborhood kids, no matter their age, no matter the weather with special attention paid to grandparents, aunts, uncles and little children safety because pesky trips to […]