SAFILOX Brain-sensing Eyewear Platform

Smith Lowdown Focus Mpowered by Muse™ to Help Athletes at All Levels Enhance Their Performance and Cognitive Abilities LAS VEGAS, Nev. – January, 2017 – Safilo Group, the fully integrated Italian eyewear creator and worldwide distributor of quality and trust, and Interaxon, the world leader in consumer brain-sensing technology, presented SAFILOX, a new eyewear platform […]

Oxy-Iso Lenses Help The Red/Green Colorblind See Vibrant Color

MIAMI, FL, (2016)—O2Amp launched the company’s Oxy-Iso lenses to help the red/green colorblind see vibrant color. Initially rolled out in a Sport frame, the company recently added a more fashionable look to the eyewear’s line-up of frames and lenses that can be purchased at Amazon. For those who are more fashion forward, the lenses, created […]

Safilo Partners With Interaxon For Wearable Technology

SAFILO Group, the fully integrated Italian eyewear creator, manufacturer and worldwide distributor of quality and trust, and Interaxon Inc., the world leader in consumer brain sensing technology, today announced a strategic research and development partnership and licensing agreement. This partnership enables SAFILO’s entry into wearable technology, under the name of SAFILOX. “SAFILOX is the perfect […]

Kickstarting Monday: Vue Smart Glasses

Smart Glasses are taking off and becoming affordable and fashionable. Vue Smart Glasses, launched on Kickstarter has more achieved their crowdfunding goal. Based in San Franciso, California, the start up is billing themselves as  ‘the world’s first pair of smart glasses that are designed for everyday use. Offered in prescription, plano, and sunglasses.’ Using bone conduction, […]

Google Buys EyeFluence

Eyefluence, is an eye-interaction head set technology for Augmented Realty, VR devices in which eyes can control the intent. They were bought by google, adding to Google’s portfolio of ‘Eyeball Technology’ along with Magic Leap and Smart Contact Lenses. More information available at Techcrunch     

Put Your Favorite Photo On Your Eyeglasses

Others have tried to do this before, but with a little technology Switch Art Paris is taking their 20 years of knowledge of the optical industry and created an innovative new smart sunglasses that allow users to power and design their sunglasses. “Today with a new generation of connected objects, we are now giving users […]

Video: Carl Zeiss Smart Glass – Smart Lens

Many companies have entered into the Smart Glass/Lens industry. This video from Carl Zeiss, innovative smart optics system will lead to smart glasses that look like any other pair of eyeglasses.