Kickstarting Monday: Van Lent Systems launches “The Swipest Glasses”

Swipest Glasses

A new type of Smart Glasses is being launched on Kickstarter. Van Lent Systems has incorporated an LED light into the bridge which is cool, especially since it seems like I can never find my flashlight. The look is retro, but the biggest advantage is the ability to put in any types of lenses. … [Read more...]

Hoet Eyewear Launches First 3D Eyewear Collection


Belgium based Hoet launches their first 3D eyewear collection. In a project with 3D printing company Materialise, they will be featured at the Materialise World Conference in Brussels, Belgium. The starting collection will comprise of four sunglasses and two eyeglasses. Read more … [Read more...]

New 3D Printed Eyewear Company Biz Eyes

Biz Eyes

New 3D printed eyewear company is printing up some crazy looks for your eyes. Taking a basic round shape, a wearer has multiple choices of add ons that screw on the front. One can design their own look in whatever choices suit their fancy or their mood. Unfortunately their is not too … [Read more...]

ReCon Jet Smart Glasses Become Available

ReCon Jet

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, April, 2015-- Recon Instruments, the award-winning technology company behind the world's first consumer smart goggles for sports, is pleased to announce Recon Jet, an advanced wearable computer for sports and outdoor recreational activities. Featuring a dual-core CPU, … [Read more...]

Mini Augmented Reality Glasses For Cars

Mini Glasses

Cars and Sunglasses are ubituquous. Companies such Moscot have a smart car, Gucci did a car and of course you can find BMW, Ferrari  and Porsche Eyewear. Now BMW's Mini will be launching their own Smart Glasses. The eyewear will tell you information about your ride or what is in your field of … [Read more...]

Unlock Your Smart Phone With Your Eyeballs

Image via engadget

Tired of punching in numbers or swiping strange patterns to unlock your smartphone? Fingerprint and facial recognition have been tried before with varying levels of success, and now ZTE thinks it can offer something better. The company's Grand S3 smartphone in China is getting a feature called "Sky … [Read more...]

Smart Glasses To Surpass Smart Phones Sales Within Ten Years

Augmented Realty Logo

NEW YORK, NY--(March 2015) - Reports of the demise of Smart Glasses are greatly exaggerated, according to a new report released by the non-profit organization, According to the report, Smart Glasses sales will reach 1 billion shipments near 2020, and surpass shipments of … [Read more...]