WTFrame: Clothespin Eyewear

Taxi Eyewear is noted for colorful, whimsical and often strange eyewear. We found this design by them that incorporates the use of clothespins. How Clever! Seen on ebay for $690.00

Celebrating Presidents Day Eyewear

In celebration of Presidents Day in the United States we have gone back to showcase a few of our presidents and their eyewear. Presidents Day was created in 1885 to celebrate President George Washington. Officially February 22, is still known as Washington’s Birthday. In 1971 Presidents Day was officially created as part of the Uniform […]

Throwback Thursday: Overboard on Vintage Alain Mikli

Overboard (1987)  starring Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell is one of my favorite movies of all times. Like a Pretty Woman in reverse,with Kurt Russell playing the part of a hard working, single father and Goldie Hawn, the spoiled rich kid. There were many memorable and funny pieces in this, but most memorable were the […]

16 Extreme Vintage Cat-Eyes For National Cat Day

Alas, eyewear enthusiast can rejoice over the day in which we praise the most purrrfect form glasses could ever take: THE CAT EYE.  That’s right, October 29 is National Cat Eye Day, and to commemorate the style’s longstanding life span we are showcasing some of our favorite vintage frames right meow! It is crazy to […]

Homage To Oscar de la Renta And His Eyewear

The fashion world lost an iconic designer on October 20, 2015. He was trained by Balenciaga, worked with Lanvin and Balmain, Elizabeth Arden, starting his signature label in 1965. His creations became internationally famous in the 1960’s, dressing celebrities from film stars to royalty. Jacqueline Kennedy, Hilary Clinton and Laura Bush all wore Oscar de […]

Eyewear Now And Then: Round Eyewear of the 1960’s

The 1960s was a time of post-war optimism, flower children, and a few fashion oddities.  There is no denying that round eyewear was all the rage, and in this case the odder the better.  These far out green shades feature an oh-so-sixties tie-died awning hanging above each of the pale green lenses.  These are the […]

RetroSpecs Launches New Luxury Eyewear Collection: Cuthbert And Chen

RetroSpecs & Co. announces the launch of its new luxury eyewear collection Cuthbert & Chen, created and designed by Jay Owens and Marya Francis, the husband and wife force behind the world’s largest historic eyewear company. RetroSpecs’ Cuthbert & Chen eyewear features individually registered hand polished buffalo horn frames and modern customizable titanium frames with […]