Morel France Eyewear Story

The story of Morel France Eyewear, eyeglasses and sunglasses, since 1880. Morel brands are Koali, OGA, Nomad, Marius Morel, Cottet, REbel, Tatoo, Lightec

Victory Eyewear Collection Comes Back In Full Force

Many years ago when eyeglasses were actually made in America there was a company called Victory Optical. Victory Optical was founded in 1941 in Newark, New Jersey. Unfortunately due to market changes, offshore eyeglass manufacturing, Victory went the way of most other made in America Manufacturers. Today grandsons, Bill Marfuggi and John Bartolotta are replicating […]

Pince-Nez Eyewear

For wearers or wanna-be wearers of Pince Nez eyewear there is actually a blog for wearers, called Pince-Nez Renaissance. The purpose ‘To assist those who are interested in wearing pince-nez eyeglasses. This beautiful eyewear from the past can be worn today. Unfortunately, there is very little information available on wearing pince-nez and it is easy […]

Opera Glasses Not Just For Those Who Enjoy Opera

I can think of many reasons why someone would purchase Opera Glasses- since they are small and can fit easily into a purse or a pocket, going to the ball game, a concert, spying on your neighbors, watching birds from the comfort of your armchair. A site we recommend is Fine Opera Glasses (.com) offers […]

How To Find The Right Glasses By Eye Candy

Love this video on the basics of finding the right eyeglasses. Showcasing Fabulous Fannies in New York, featuring their vintage collection of eyewear From Eye Candy

The History of Acuvue Contacts

The development of Acuvue contact lenses began at the Frontier Contact Lens Company, a small business that began in the 1950s. It first opened a branch in Jacksonville, Florida and was run by Optometrist, Seymour Marco. Under his supervision, the company began to grow. In only a few years, Marco purchased the company from its […]