Eyewear Now And Then: Winged Eyewear

As we all know styles come and go and comeback again. These winged sunglasses from Jeremy Scott x Linda Farrow were from his 2011 collection set off many looks and imitations which went viral. Where did he get his inspiration? We do not know, but it could have been from these vintage winged sunglasses. Don’t […]

Vintage Luxury Eyewear From Mellerio

We ran across across a stunning and luxurious pair of sunglasses by a jeweler we never heard of Mellerio. They are known as one of the oldest (1613) still in business today Jewelry companies in France. Apparently back in the 1950’s-1960’s they made solid gold eyewear. These vintage 18Kt gold and sapphire rimless sunglasses are […]

Retrospective: Theo Eyewear

I saw my first Theo in San Francisco in 1991 and immediately fell in love with their colors and shapes. Today and for a Wayback Wednesday, we pay homage to Theo an eyewear designer who was founded in 1989. From the first, Belgian brand Theo was all about Theo Loves You and you can see […]

Eyewear Now And Then: Vintage Castelbajac v.s Yazbukey

Eyewear like fashion comes and goes. Jean Charles de Castelbajac vintage 1980’s sunglasses and Yazbukey’s 2016 sunglasses. Both oval shapes with round lenses set inside the oval shape. Castelbajac’s are rimmed in gold and Yazbukeys are rimmed in green with a white dot.

Retrospective: One Lens Sunglasses

1960’s Mod Fashion included the futuristic look in sunglasses. One look was the plexi-glass or an acrylic lens one piece sunglass. The sunwear look was vibrant and made colorful statements. We first see this look in a 1959 Vogue Fashion layout. Anne St. Marie is sporting a large square and orange sunglass. The look as […]

Eyewear Now And Then: Upswept Sunwear

Over the last several years we have seen the cat-eye take on some very dramatic looks. The upsweep is akin to the raised eyebrow, the look of surprise? The look can be layered over a round frame or a square frame or even another cat-eye. Is this look new? The Harlequin look came in the […]

WTFrame: International Swan Day

International National Swan Day is an international event to promote women creativity and the arts.  March 26, 2016 is the big day and you can find all sorts of events to help you celebrate at Womens Arts  Because we love creativeness and feel that it can and should be celebrated everyday. Today we are honoring […]