WileyX Launches John Deere Safety Eyewear

Global eyewear leader Wiley X, ® Inc. has created a full family of John Deere Safety Eyewear — designed with the quality, performance and durability John Deere fans require to get the job done. Perfect for work on the farm or around the backyard, home improvement projects or just hanging out, these stylish shades deliver […]

Saving Sight Sunday: Eye Safety At A Glance Infographic

Up to 50% of eye injuries happen in the workplace, with at risk positions being positions such as mechanics, carpenters, plumbers.. Did you know that 90% of eye injuries are preventable? Safety Eyewear is Available from Hilco WileyX Dioptics Liberty Sport Safety Lens are available from Trivex materials     

Proper Eye Protection in the Home, Yard and Garage Can Help Prevent Eye Injuries

CHICAGO (Sept., 2014) – In 2013, more than 94,000 adults and children were treated in hospital emergency rooms in the United States for eye injuries from products.  Many of these products are used in and around the home, including power tools and cleaning supplies. Prevent Blindness has declared October as Home Eye Safety Awareness Month […]

Eye Safety Sport Goggles By Liberty Sport

Liberty Sport’s popular F8 frame series continues to inspire.  The ALL-PRO &  ALL-PRO GOGGLE were created to bridge the gap between teen and adult sizing – with a look that plays for all ages.  Available in three trend-conscious colors, both the frame and goggle compliment today’s busy lifestyle.  “F8 All-Pro meets the needs of active […]

Wiley X Reminds “All of Us” To Stay Focused On Safety

June Is National Safety Month — And Wiley X Supports Efforts to Raise Awareness, Reduce Accidents As a leading provider of OSHA-grade protective eyewear for the U.S. military, law enforcement, America’s workforce and outdoor enthusiasts everywhere, Wiley X®, Inc. is constantly concerned about safety.  When June rolls around each year, however, Wiley X gets especially […]

Penn Avenue Eyewear Releases New Lens For Digital Eye Strain

Penn Avenue Eyewear (“PAE”) is pleased to announce the release of a new lens option, available on their website. Designed to prevent Digital Eye Strain (DES) and create a more pleasurable viewing experience on computers, tablets, smartphones, and other devices, the lenses include a special coating that reflects and filters harmful blue light and reduces […]

Smart Eyewear Helps Foodies Find A Place To Eat

Asian Scientist (Feb. 26, 2014) – Walking around the streets searching for a place to eat will soon be no longer a hassle with K-Glass, a head-mounted display (HMD) developed by researchers in Korea. The device enables users to find restaurants while checking out their menus: If the user walks up to a restaurant and looks […]