Mercura Sunglasses in Vogue and Red Razor Mag

Mercura Eyewear ever the eyewear trendsetter,  seems to be showing up in our favorite Fashion Mags. . This Lego block look is a playful look for a vision of the future and the Aurora is a classic that has been in their line since the beginning.

Tiah Eyewear Lets You Wear Your Favorite Photos

Tiah Eyewear makes it possible to carry your memories with you and customize your eyewear by allowing the wearer to insert their favorite photos in the frame. Tiah started out in customized jewelry and now has broken into the eyewear market. References:,

Plexiglass Sunglasses By Linda Farrow

Linda Farrow continues to produce unique eyewear for the haute eyewear crowd. Plexiglass Sunglasses in eye catching orange and green shaded colors will definitely make the wearer stand out. Available from Colette

Fantasy Mask From Best Image Optical Are Not Just For New Years Eve

Forget tacky paper hats, confetti and party favors, Best Image Optical has a selection of Fantasy Masks that can be used not just for New Years Eve! Other events such as Mardi Gras, Halloween, Birthdays just to name a few are places where these unique eyeglasses can be worn. A few of my favorite Fantasy […]

Put Your Favorite Photo In Kimiko Eyewear New Photoframe

No need to pull out your family pictures or last vacation getaway. Carry them with you at all times on your eyeglass frames! Kimiko Eyewear has introduced the Photoframe in which you can attach any photo or image to your eyewear.

Alexander Hi Tek- Metal Flip Up Eyewear

Hi- Tech, industrial, punk, gothic, funky and fun eyewear by Alexander Hi-Tek. Below features a few of their trendy, round flip up eyeglass collection.