Hoet Eyewear Cabriolet Collection

Hoet Eyewear an eyewear designer for Theo (anagram) designs other things than eyewear like furniture and accessories. What is the most unique is their eyewear- visor Cabriolet Collection. A tinted lens is fixed to the cap providing extra protection in Cabrio 1, the other styles are just fun to wear. Hoet is based out of […]

Nooka Fabulous And Fun Sunglasses For Summer 2010

Nooka new vibrant fun sunglasses add style as well as UV Protection. Available in 6 colors and mirror flash lenses.

Sparkly Jeweled Sunwear By Jaesyn Burke

Every time I turn around sunglasses keep getting more and more off beat. The latest to enter into the forum of sparkely, spiked and tassled sunwear is Jaesyn Burke. Not only are they wild, but extra large, almost kermit the frogish, but can be used for Halloween, Mardi Gras, Costume parties or of course Music […]

Punk Eyewear Named After Wendy O Williams

Named after punk artist Wendy O Williams, this punk eyewear design is dual functional with headband and eyewear rolled into one. Six spikes are drilled through a black or clear band to protect the face (from fans) and hold back the hair. By Kerin Rose about $220 on her website. Wendy O Williams is not […]

Mykita + Roman Kremer Spring Summer 2010 Sunwear

Mykita and Romain Kremer collaborating with the Romain Kremer summer, spring 2010 eyewear collection. Metal Shutters are designed to protect the eyes from sunlight with a very square shape.

Bless Eyewear- Picture 2010 Sunglasses

Bless featured pictures on their 2010 Sunglass collection. Classic avaitor shape with a fun picture. Fun and unique fashion sunglasses. Designer- Berlin-Austrian Ines Kaag and Désirée Heiss for Bless Available at Colette in Paris

Kinky Eyewear by Brian Adams

We bring you back to Brian Adams from New Zealand with his Kinky Eyewear Designs. ‘My latest design is inspired by the articulating bridge/hinge of the classic 1930s USAF Aviator frame, this frame series features that double-bending hinge in three places, and results in a specially wraparound frame. The temple curls hold the frame close to […]