Onion Chopping Eyewear

Just when you think what more can you do with eyeglasses- Someone always comes up with an inventive gadget- that you might just have to have! A great gift for cooks, chefs, and anyone who loves onions, this onion chopping eyewear has a foam seal protects eyes from irritating onion vapors (and makes it more […]

Perfumed Eyewear Not For The Allergic

The first Ever Perfumed Eyewear;  French Eyewear Company Les Opticiens ATOL with Adriana Karembeu has launched maybe the first eyewear that has fragrance in the temples. Adriana Karembeu is an actress model and the scent is called AK Senteurs. Four scents are available, Coquette (red with floral), lle aus Baiser (mango citrus), Chocolat (who could […]

eyeWear Your Favorite Travel Location With Handcrafted Eyewear

As Eyewear designers strive for new technologic creations, collaborations with artists and clothing designers, Hand Crafted Eyewear took a road trip and advantage of tourist historical locations- creating eyewear with a historical monument motif. Visit and wear eyewear with Agra, Athens, Paris, London, New York, Sydney and Easter Island themes.

House of Diehl Debuts The Diehl Breakers Eyewear

House of Diehl debuted their first sunglass line ala Mercura/Lady Gaga/ Ray Ban. Taking the popular RayBan adding decor such as spikes, holes, chains, broken glass and other celeb type stuff they have created The Diehl Breakers, their new eyewear collection.

NY Yankees Eyewear For Fans All Over The World

Here we are in the middle of baseball season and what do I run across, New York Yankees eyewear! The funny thing about or maybe it’s not so funny, is you may never find this eyewear in the US much less New York. NY Yankees eyewear is coming out of Lyon, France from an eyewear […]

Leather Biker-Chic Eyewear by Nicola Kate Williams

I was wrong, there are other Leather Eyewear companies in this universe. Nicola Kate Williams based in the UK,  Leather Eyewear that you can fold up, use as a visor has multi-functionality. Nicola Kate Williams was trained as a jewelry designer but as she says “Eyewear as an accessory inspires me, I am intrigued by its […]

Luxury Leather Eyewear By Historie de Voir

Over the years, eyewear companies have used leather accents or leather temples on their collections. Periodically a company comes out with a leather piece such as Super’s Limited Edition Leather Eyewear, Spy Optic offered a limited edition leather eyewear and a few others. Luxury Eyewear Designer  Historie de Voir on the other hand has leather […]