Henrik Vibskow Runway Show Featured Clown Eyeglasses

I don’t know how you can walk with this skateboard look on top of your glasses, unless you have a really wide PD. But this is all about image and creating a buzz on the runway. Henrik Vibskow runway show featured what they called clown eyewear. Source: Dazed Digital

Factory900 Eyewear With A Belt For Temples

Thanks to our friend at Eyewear Glasses, we get all sorts of information about cool new, unique eyewear from around the world. With Rob Moss, we get a better feeling about what is happening not just in the UK (where he is located) but Asia as well. From Japan, Factory900 has definitely showed us that […]

Jeremy Scott Spring Summer 2010 Eyewear With TV’s and Faceguards

Jeremy Scott, eyewear designer of some of the most unique eyewear we have ever seen has come out with a few of his Summer-Spring 2010 Eyeglass Collections. Jeremy Scott with Linda Farrow Vintage spectacular  eyeglass designs are seen on runways and celebrities all over the world. The TV eyeglasses are a one of a kind […]

Only The Lonely Eyewear By Jess Atkinson

Canadian, Jess Atkinson, artist and designer has designed this eyewear for those who like to be around people. Notice the cutouts are of people, this could be good when you are in the mood to have people around, but don’t really want to talk to them. Also could be therapeutic for those who are afraid […]

Mercura Sunglasses in Vogue and Red Razor Mag

Mercura Eyewear ever the eyewear trendsetter,  seems to be showing up in our favorite Fashion Mags. . This Lego block look is a playful look for a vision of the future and the Aurora is a classic that has been in their line since the beginning.

Tiah Eyewear Lets You Wear Your Favorite Photos

Tiah Eyewear makes it possible to carry your memories with you and customize your eyewear by allowing the wearer to insert their favorite photos in the frame. Tiah started out in customized jewelry and now has broken into the eyewear market. References: tiah.it,

Plexiglass Sunglasses By Linda Farrow

Linda Farrow continues to produce unique eyewear for the haute eyewear crowd. Plexiglass Sunglasses in eye catching orange and green shaded colors will definitely make the wearer stand out. Available from Colette