New Eyewear Debut-Jam Sunglasses A Definite Wow!

We have seen beaded eyewear, we have seen steam punked and studded eyewear. Stones and chains have adorned stars and magazine covers. But this we have not seen; Mo’nique Jam Sunglasses with all sorts of bobble and bangles and signs. This is what her Facebook Page says Monique Dass was born and raised in Barbados. […]

Biodegradable 1 Day Eyewear By Roger Eye Design

Roger  of Roger Eye Design in a creative moment thought about daily disposable contact lens, why not daily disposable eyewear. Of course not wanting to add more to landfills, why not use recycled material i.e used cardboard and create a disposable eyewear frame for the tree hugging greenie fashionista. The base is a plastic piece […]

Nacky Made Custom Handmade Eyewear With Dinosaur Temples

The Japanese are known for their eyewear, particulary the Streetwear Look. (Streetwear movement actually started in Japan) But after awhile, it all looks the same until you find the custom eyewear collection from Nacky Made. What Nacky is doing is putting a basic but modern front and creating dinosaur temples (or other temple designs) Optician […]

Hussein Chalayan Spring Summer 2010

OK, somehow I missed this and am about 6 months too late, but I am so impressed with Hussein Chalayan clothing as well as his eyewear. Visor, Hat and Sunglass combination. The brim on the hat is a little too big, but the visor, is perfect, this I would wear. The hexi shaped sunglasses with […]

American Eyewear Comes Without Temples

New American Eyewear is a revolutionary way of accessorizing and is redefining fashion eye wear. The patented design replaces traditional rigid metal and plastic arms with comfortable, interchangeable, flexible chains and charms……. giving you endless eye wear possibilities.

Tell Them How You Really Feel With Flippin’ The Bird Eyewear

I guess if you are angry these might be the right wacky frames to wear. Maybe use these sunglasses when your driving? Better yet, if receiving unwanted attention from someone, just put these sunglass on and Tell them off with this Flip The Bird Sunglasses

Cardboard Eyewear-The Better To eyeEco With

Tree- huggers and avid recyclers and reusers will love this new paper eyewear from Papp Brille. Based in Germany and Launched in July of 2010, the Paper eyewear started out a a fun thing and has evolved into a fun business. Made from scrap paper and decorated with odd materials, they make a statement at […]