Uderly Unique Face Jewelry Eyewear Accessory

I first ran across Uder Eyewear on Facebook. Owner and director of UDER, Tatsuya Okamoto and artisan Bana Itahashi have designed this ‘futuristic and primitive’ eyewear. UDER’s concept is the mystery of nature. I was struck by total uniqueness and the endless possibilities of a new look in facial decor. Tatsuya asked me to give […]

How To Make Buffalo Horn Eyewear

The video shows the process of hand making buffalo horn eyewear. Click the other steps to watch the manufacturing process. Step 2 Step 3

Masaki Matsushima Power Stone Eyewear Collection

I wish I could tell you a little  more about the Masaki Matsushima Power Eyes Collection, as most of the site is in Japanese. I don’t always trust Goggle translator to make sure I was getting all the information right. Here is the translation according to Goggle about what this is all about. Women, Power […]

Moss Lipow Eyewear- Bold and Dramatic Spectacles

I came across Moss Lipow when searching for the most expensive eyewear, he happened to have at the time Ostrich and Alligator eyewear for $3800, which pretty much makes it some of the most expensive eyeglasses I have seen. Moss Lipow eyewear designer from New York takes a bolder and dramatic look from the ordinary eyeglasses. […]

Italian Independent Eyewear By Lapo Elkann

While searching for my story yet to be done on the most expensive eyewear I came across Lapo Elkann Eyewear who decided to Design and Manufacturer his own Eyewear Line (2007). Of course I am intrigued, like who is this guy? Lapo Elkann was the marketing manager of Fiat (grandson to Gianni Agnelli  founder of […]

Luxuriator Diamond and 18K Glasses

The Luxuriator Collection of Eyewear and Sunglasses was created by Franco in Los Angeles, CA. The jewel encrusted collection  set with pave diamonds and technologically advanced lenses. The above Canary Diamond Sunglass retails for around $65,000.

Gold and Wood Releases $55,000 Diamond Eyeglasses

Gold and Wood Luxury Eyewear Style Prestige, with Horn temples, 253 brilliant cut diamonds, 22 princess cut.