How It’s Made: Leggerissimi Rimless Eyewear Video

One eyewear company Leggerissimi creates amazing works of custom eyewear art. One of their videos demonstrates how they do it. ‘We have 5 different sizes of Swarovski and a palette of 80 different colors. We currently have precious stones only on demand, but we are working to select the right supplier to propose the Lightest® […]

Luxury Eyewear From Baldinini

Apparel company Baldinini was established in 1910. Starting out as a shoemaker, they have grown to include other accessories as well as eyewear.  They also have a luxury eyewear line that includes gold frames. The Baldinini Gold Edition comes, in an elegant case, and polarized lenses. The eyewear covered in 0.5 microns of 18-carat white and […]

Swooping Eagle Eyewear For American Eagle Day

Soar Like an Eagle, Eagle Eyes, Eagle Vision tell us how important eagles are to life. For us in the United States eagles symbolize freedom, which is why June 20th we celebrate American Eagle Day. We found from luxury eyewear designer the perfect sunglasses to wear American Eagle Day from Anna Karin Karlsson. A 24Kt gold […]

Refined Glamour From Pier Martino Eyewear

I admit, I am pretty jaded about more retro-rayban-wayfarer-ronsir-classic eyewear, which is why, when I run across an eyewear brand that is akin to fine jewelry, I am pretty excited about it. The Pier Martino collection uses wood, leather, swarovski crystals for an elegant and sophisticated and refined look. This is not the look for the […]

Kamuro Eyewear Is Elegant

Japan is well known for their eyewear, both in quality and in design. At one time there were over 2000 different eyeglass manufacturers out of Japan. The Japanese are true optical craftsman, there are so many of the small optical shops creating, designing and manufacturing their own eyewear. Eyewear fanatics could spend days visiting optical shops […]

Anna Karin Karlsson’s Tribute To Butterflies

Did you know that Butterflies are a representation of life? Some cultures associate butterflies with our souls, some as symbol of resurrection and other cultures view butterflies as a symbol of hope. All of the above come to mind whenever I see butterfly embellishments in eyewear. It is touch of beauty, a garnish of whimsy […]

Luxury Eyewear From Omas Design

It is all about transparency these days, is the company for real? Where are the glasses made? How are they made? Then you run across an eyewear company like Omas, who on their website show actual pictures and specs of how they manufacture their eyewear. For those of us who find eyewear design interesting, it […]