Italian Marble Eyewear by Budri

After years of study and technology, Italian based Budri Marble Eyewear collection has come to fruition with their first eyewear collection. For those who love the look and architectural elements of marble, this is the eyewear for you.  Uniqueness, craftsmanship and quality assure that the first … [Read more...]

Custom Eyewear With Edward Beiner

Custom Eyewear With Edward Beiner

An optical boutique, that I have long admired is Edward Beiner's of Florida. They constantly seem to come up with unique eyewear and if I lived in Florida, I would be attending every one of their Trunk Shows! One of their shows featured a drool-worthy, custom eyewear collection from Ottica Su … [Read more...]

The Jaguar Ultimate Eyewear Collection

JAGUAR_Ultimate lower res

Eastern States Eyewear’s Jaguar Eyewear collection has added a new, luxury driven subcollection known as “Jaguar Ultimate”. Jaguar Ultimate styles are defined by the highly distinguished materials utilized in their construction.  Each of these ophthalmic styles is constructed of Pure Titanium and … [Read more...]

World Turtle Day With Real Turtle Shell Eyewear

Real Turtle Shell Glasses

What is not to love about turtles? For starters they have been around some 220 million years making them the oldest reptile.  Today we can find many varieties of turtles in zoos, have certain species as pets, and if we are lucky we might even spot one or some in their natural environment.  Sadly, … [Read more...]

Cerf Bois; Luxury Eyewear Made With Deer Antlers

CB085  deer =Close Up -

Over the years, we have admired the use of buffalo horn in eyewear. At Vision Expo East, I ran across a new luxury eyewear company called Cerf Bois, who is making eyewear from Deer Horn and Alpaca hair.  The name comes from “Château du Cerf-Bois , a hunting lodge built by by Etienne de Mainville in … [Read more...]

Judith Leiber Eyewear Inspired by Pre- Columbian Jewelry

Judith Leiber Styles 1635 in

The new Judith Leiber Eyewear Collection called Hammered takes a refined approach to the hand finished technique dating back to the jewelry of the pre-Colombian era. Inspired by the crushed detailing of the bold metals, the group boasts frames inlaid with an array of tonal and pop stones for an … [Read more...]

Selima Optique x Hiroshi Sugimoto Limited Edition Duchampian Eyewear

Hiroshi sugimot

A Phoropter piece of artistic eyewear was created by Hiroshi Sugimoto exclusively for Selima Optique. Called the Oculist Witness, this is the first of two limited edition eyewear designs. With only 25 pairs available, Hiroshi Sugimoto wore them at a sneak  preview April 25.  Inspired by Marcel … [Read more...]