Most Expensive Sunglasses In The World: $800,000 Diamond Encrusted Eyewear


Luxurious design, magical handwork and 8.7ct diamonds is what separates this sunwear from all other eyewear.  What you see is the most expensive sunglasses in the world designed by eyewear designer, Petros Horvers ( ) in cooperation with jeweler & diamond specialist Marcel … [Read more...]

WTFrame: $34, 214 Bespoke Diamond Eyewear


This qualifies as one of the most expensive eyewear in the world. Linda Farrow teams up with Bespoke Luxury Website, selling their worldwide most exclusive sunglasses at EUR 25,000. The diamond sunglasses are made from solid 18 carat gold and accessorised with brilliant cut diamonds, … [Read more...]

WTFrame: Eyewear Design By Michael Johnson


For centuries eyewear was made by jewelers. We love handmade eyewear and this eyewear made by Michael Johnson, was inspirational. In these days of mass production, it is refreshing to find jewelers re-creating the art of eyewear. You can find his story and how he did it here on The Cosmic Folklore … [Read more...]

WTFrame: Spectacular Bruno Mars Piano Glasses


We were wowed when we saw these custom designed Piano eyeglasses made for Bruno Mars by EDA (Eyewear Design Alliance). Each black key was raised so it had the feel of running your fingers across a piano. They then used a 2 layer acetate with black out and white in…. then milled down the black to … [Read more...]

WTF: $3800 Limited Edition 18Kt Gold RayBan Sunglasses

This could be a candidate for one of our Most Expensive Eyewear in the World, the Limited Edition solid gold 18K Ray Ban Sunglasses. Only 1200 of these sunglasses will be made. The luxury sunwear comes with polarized G-15 crystal lenses and the frames made from 18-karat gold. Only 1,200 of these … [Read more...]

Seraphin Introduces Elegant Natural Buffalo Horn Frames


Seraphin is proud to introduce an all new dimension of luxury for the holiday season with its newest additions, the Eden and the Gleason. Made of exquisite buffalo horn, these styles are the epitome of extravagance as each frame uniquely exhibits the natural striations and varied color that make … [Read more...]

Luxurious Limited Edition Serengeti Sunwear

Volterra Limited Edition

Paris France & Overland Park, KAN – Sept. 2013 – Putting real exclusivity back into the term “Limited Edition,” Serengeti announces a new collection of premium eyewear to be produced in extremely small numbers. The six model collection is split into two groups: Limited Edition 22K Gold and … [Read more...]