Guitar Eyewear For National Electric Guitar Day Nov. 27

For Guitarist around the world whether yours is electric or not we found the perfect accessory for you to wear!  Blackstone Distribution award winning Guitar on a String Temple is something to sing about.  Do you just not love the temple tips!!  

What To Eyewear On The Day Of The Dead?

What I love about the eyewear business, it that someone, somewhere make something so incredibly awesome…an eyeglass so unique we have never seen one like it from a company we never heard of! Krom Eyewear.  Based in France, this Eyewear Artist creates eyeglasses from a single piece of which one can lay flat. While we love […]

Vedi Vero Unique Sunwear For Men

While we were on a mission to find new eyewear looks for me, we found another South Korean eyewear company. Our latest discovery is a store-collection called Vedi Vero. Sorry we did try to do the translating etc… sometimes it gets a little challenging. Either way we picked out a few  menswear eyestyles that show promise to […]

Playful Plexiglass Eyeglasses From Micromega Ottica

In the early 1980’s I used to sell eyewear for Neostyle in the United States. One of our top selling frames was the Plaza series of plexiglass eyeglasses. Those eyeglass retailed for about $150 dollars, which was a lot of money back in the 80’s. The closest competition that I had was a company called […]

Arty and Fern’s Custom Crafted Eyewear

We first ran across Arty and Fern Eyewear several years ago, when their striped lenses were shown on a design site. The Bangkok, Thailand based eyewear creators, Arty and Fern started out in 2013 and have evolved into a pretty cool and crafted artistic bespoke eyewear company. First they do a drawing picture of you […]

Exquisitely Eyevan Eyewear

Way back in 1972 a Japanese company called EyeVan introduced the concept of “glasses to wear” and was global by 1985. Like many companies, a new design team took over EYEVAN, renamed it to EYEVAN7285 and it has become hot again. They use items such as old glasses, telescopes, hand mirrors, other old tools collected by the […]

Positive Perfection: Pierre Eyewear

Over the years, we have written about Pierre Eyewear artistic eyeglasses. Horses, Salamanders, Cars, Vespas, Daisies, moustashes and more. I just have to tell you, eyewear designer Pierre Cariven is more than just funky, fun frame designer and it is about time we tell you. He spent time in the United States and has worked […]