Dom Vetro Eyewear: Made In Los Angeles, California

As we approach ‘America Matters Day‘ we want to bring your attention to a newly discovered made in USA eyewear company Dom Vetro. Designer Ashley Bezamet went to Italy to learn the art of handmade eyewear and brought his skills back to Los Angeles, California in 2016 to create his own eyewear. The earlier eyewear […]

New Give Back Sunwear Company: Monarchy Eyewear

CLEVELAND–Bringing quality, high fashion sunglasses designed and handmade in Italy, Monarchy Eyewear LLC today announced they have launched the retail sunglasses website, A new player in the fashion eyewear market, Monarchy Eyewear has an eclectic collection of women’s and men’s sunglasses in vintage and modern designs. Made with only premium and eco-friendly materials, Monarchy […]

Getting Uppity With Uptitude: Upcycled Eyewear From Snowboards

Summer is over and it is almost Snowboard Season which is why we are featuring the first ever that we know about eyewear up- cycled from Snowboards. Based in Austria, these unique eyeglasses and sunglasses are all made from used snowboards, which mostly are thrown away. Now as you can imagine, they are waiting for […]

Kering Eyewear Goes Bio-Plastic

BOLOGNA – PADOVA (Italy) September, 2017 – Bio-on, listed in the AIM segment of the Borsa Italiana, announces a partnership with Kering Eyewear to develop new materials based on Minerv PHAs, the revolutionary bioplastic which is 100% natural and biodegradable. “This is the first time in the world that a company in the eyewear industry  […]

Seeing Autumn In Tommy Owens Orange Woodland Sunglasses

I just found this out, Tommy Owens Eyewear is made in the United States. Based in Florida it could be made in Florida or it could be made in Chicago! But as much as we love that fact and can celebrate that, today we want to pay homage to their Orange Woodland look that is […]

Wryuma’s 3D Sunglasses Are Made From Recycled Trash

We love innovation, we love zero waste companies and we love anyone that reuses anything to make great products. New 3D eyewear, start up wryuma is making or hopefully will be making sunglasses from you guessed it plastic bottles and you didn’t guess this: car dashboards. This is a first, reusing parts of cars. Why car dashboards? […]

Is The Future Solar Sunglasses?

Over the years there are has been several attempts at creating Solar Sunglasses. But the look has been bulky and not really usable. Today, researchers from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) have created ‘sunglasses with colored, semitransparent solar cells applied onto their lenses that supply a microprocessor and two displays with electric power. This […]