A.I.T. Industries Debuts visuReal® Portable Video Centration System

AIT Industries, headquartered in Bensenville, Illinois, is unveiling its new video centration system, the visuReal® Portable The visuReal® Portable is a video centration system that leverages the portability of a tablet with the unlimited computing power of the cloud to deliver some of the most accurate measurements available in the market. Using a proprietary optical system […]

WTFrame Friday: Reykjavik Eyes Concept Eyewear

Check these out from Reykjavik Eyes, the lenses are mounted by screws! Reykjavik is known for their screwless frames and this does not count as a screwless mount.

Briot USA to launch THREE new products at Vision Expo East 2013

Cumming, GA. – Briot USA, the leader in lens edging technology will be headed to Vision Expo East with a series of new product launches aimed at providing customers with options to outfit any lab need. Briot will debut the new Alta Zd, an edger that is capable of producing the most intricate shapes and […]

Briot USA Introduces the New Alta Zd Lens Edger

March 2013 – Cumming, GA. – Briot USA, the leader in lens edging technology introduces the new Alta Zd, excellence by design. The innnovative Alta Zd, the newest edger from Briot, comes equipped with capabilities that not only position it as the fastest retail edger on the market, but also meets every requirement for high […]

Briot USA Introduces the New Alta Pulse Multi-functional Lens Edger

February 2013 – Cumming, GA. – Briot USA, the leader in lens edging technology introduces the new Alta Pulse, the heart of your workshop. The Pulse is the culmination of six years of continuous development and improvement based on market demands. The Alta Pulse focuses on three aspects; Flexibility, Reliability, and Stability. This multi-functional edger […]

Santinelli International Celebrates 40 Years of Success

January, 2013 – Hauppauge, NY – Santinelli International, the lens finishing equipment company, will commemorate its long, rich history with the celebration of its 40th anniversary this year. As one of the few remaining independent, family-owned and managed equipment companies, Santinelli International celebrates the reputation it has built for top-performance products and world-class service. The […]

Santinelli International Introduces Value-Edge™ & Grip-Tight™ Finishing Products

January 3, 2013 – Hauppauge, NY – Santinelli International has recently extended its consumables product line to now include all-new Value-Edge™ Blocking Pads and Grip-Tight ™ Intermediate Film, two budget-friendly solutions designed to improve lens finishing quality. The Santinelli Value-Edge™ Blocking Pads are made of a specially formulated foam and adhesive combination, designed to improve […]