Eyewear Design-Futuristic Shaded Safety Eyewear

These are pretty cool, eyewear that comes with a mini shade. I can see this for multifunctional use :working outside on a computer, allowing the wearer and user to protect eyesight and a better screen image. Chris Hargreaves from the UK , Futures Eyewear

Eyewear Design-Foldable Sunglasses

D.J. Lewchanin from Lafayette, Indiana, industrial designer has created a foldable, look of the future sunwear. Most foldable eyewear while convenient is bulky. This is a sleek and aerodynamic futuristic look.

Eyewear Design- Caseless Eyeglasses

Kenji Tomeda who also created the Hammock Eyeglasses has designed eyewear in which there is no need for eyeglass cases. Fold them up so the temples protect the lenses.

Eyewear Design-AeroDynamic Eyeglasses

Jonathan Russell from Dallas, Texas created this Nike Eyewear that shows off his love of motor sports and aerodynamic design. This is an extremely sleek and sexy eyewear look.

I’ve Been Screwed Eyewear By Danny Crossland

Danny Crossland’s eyewear design has several unique features as no hinges and a custom design of which you can change colors and lenses that a person can insert themselves.

Take It Apart Eyewear Design By James Poole

James Poole from Ipswich, UK, has created a new concept in Eyewear. Flat front, temples that come apart and pack flat, available in any color you could possibly want. Lenses are in one piece, certainly a look within itself but can see potential possibilities.

Samal Designs Eyewear -Clean Techie Sunglasses

Samal Designs does it again. We had done a post last year placing one of Samal Designs on Susan Boyle as part of a makeover. The latest eyewear design from Samal exhibits the same angular defined look,  or as he says ‘new Retro Futurism’. A mix of retro designs with futuristic and advanced elements. The […]