Aviator Sunwear For National Aviation Day August 19

In honor of the birthday of renowned aviator Orville Wright, President Franklin D. Roosevelt proclaimed August 19th National Aviation Day. We feel obliged to pay homage to this day with a few flights of a favorite timeless style: The Aviator Sunglass.  This pair by Charmant embodies the classic aviator style with thin gold toned rims and gray lenses. Tortoise toned ear hooks and opposable nose pieces make these shades comfortable for wear during long airborne trips.

Style TI 12250P

Charmant Style TI 12250P

National Aviation Day is also referred to as the “Wright Brother’s Day” as we cannot forget the accomplishments of both Orville and Wilbur Wright. The first flight took place on December 17, 1903 and it forever changed how we travel.  In honor of that day we celebrate with one of the oldest frame companies in the United States with these Victory Optical black Aviator shades.  The black frames with the dark gray lenses are ready for take-off in even the brightest of conditions.

Victory Optical Style Plaza in Black

Victory Optical Style Plaza in Black

National Aviation Day also honors other early aviation and space pioneers.  It is a day, much like the Aviator sunglass, that can be enjoyed by all.  These Silhouette shades in Adventurer style are a reinvented version of a classic pair of sunglasses.  What makes these shades special is that they are rimless, yet still possess the quintessential brow bridge and nose bar that are true to form of the Aviator look.  Flight attendants: please prepare the cabin for arrival!


Silhouette Eyewear

For those who are living a more eco friendly life, those aviators are exclusively from the ECO collection from Modo, made with recycled materials and they plant a tree for ever frame sold.

Austin by ECO via Modo Eyewear

Austin by ECO via Modo Eyewear


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