Catuma Eyewear: Combines Nature And Art

One of my favourite brands and a definite must see during Vision Expo is Catuma!  Catuma Eyewear  is inspired by the art movement and wishes to decontextualize elements such as stone and wood. They re-define  the concept of natural materials making them wearable art. Withh skillful artisanal layers processing, all their frames are hi-tech and lightweight. Their […]

Rolf Spectacles Wins “Good Design Award”

The Topolino was one of the smallest cars in the world. The word translates to “little mouse” and it’s also the namesake of the “Good Design” award winning frame of reputed wooden eyewear brand ROLF Spectacles, who are passionate about the beauty and design of vintage cars. They consider the technical, aesthetic, and historical aspects […]

4 O’clock Drink Time with Peter Coombs Eyewear Designer

Every true eyewear designer needs some incentive to stimulate creativity or celebrate resourcefulness. Mine is good wine, but hey, I am European. In down-under Australia, 4 o’clock is drinks time at the Peter Coombs studio. It is also the inspiration for his eyewear range the 4 O’CLOCK collection. This is the time of day when he […]

Optical Stores: The House of Eyewear (Paris, France)

One the most famous Parisian optical stores is The House of Eyewear, run by optician Sandrine Da Costa Pereira. The two-storey boutique situated in the 8 district of Paris, combines the rich style of French interior design with vintage french ceramic tiling and chic designer furniture. Owner and optician Sandrine Pereira was quoted as saying: […]