April Is Sjogren Awareness Month

Sjogren’s syndrome is a form of autoimmune disease where your body defense mechanism (immune system) attacks the organs that produce moisture. The most common symptoms are dry eye and dry mouth. Sjogren’s syndrome related dry eyes are often severe, results in eye ulcers, corneal abrasion,  Some people with Sjögren’s syndrome also have other autoimmune disorders, […]

Blepharitis And Eye Make Up: Do’s And Don’ts

Wearing make-up to enhance beauty dates back to ancient times.  Many of the eye make up consisted of  of toxic mixtures such as copper, belladonna, nitric acid, lead ore, mercury, bird droppings and even burnt matchsticks.   Cosmetics have come a long way since then, but without proper use, they can still greatly affect the […]

Autologous Serum Drops for Chronic Dry Eye Treatment

Autologous serum has been used as an eye drop to treat severe chronic dry eye treatments for a long time.  We will be discuss some of the pros, cons and precautions with using autologous serum drops as dry eye treatment. Autologous serum is prepared from one’s own blood, which is more compatible with one’s own […]

Simple Meditation for Dry Eye Relief

It has been well documented that stress causes depression, dry eyes and more.  Too many hours on the computer, worried about work, family, all adds up to a stressful day at work. Here is a simple meditation exercise you can do at work, at home, anywhere.   Stress reduction is one of the best dry eye […]

Research Linking Sjogren’s Disease to Hepatitis Delta Virus

It has been long suspected that many autoimmune diseases are associated with a bout of viral infections.  New research from National Institute of Health indicate the virus Hepatitis delta Virus maybe associated with Primary Sjogren’s Disease.  Of the 2 categories, Primary Sjogren’s have more severe symptoms, and they do not have another rheumatic disease associated […]

Cake Batter And Watery Eyes

An interesting ‘Cake Batter’ analogy by Dr. Amber Gaume Giannoni explains the issue of watery yet dry eyes. This strategy compares the tear film to a cake recipe, while introducing the concepts of Meibomian gland dysfunction (MGD) and reflex tearing. One could explain to the patient that, “all cake batter ingredients must be in perfect […]

How to Manage and Treat Ocular Rosacea

A diagnosis of ocular rosacea is most easily determined if the patient also presents with the dermatological signs associated with acne rosacea- spider veins on nose and cheeks, however, in 20% of  cases, ocular rosacea can occur without skin evidences. This makes the diagnosis more complicated. Ocular rosacea is highly probable in people who report persistent […]