Absolutely Aspiring Eyewear

The Aspire Eyewear collection  from Clearvision Optical continues grow. They use special thin, lightweight and hypoallergenic material  material called SDN-4, which makes the frame so comfortable. Most of the styles are unisex and come in a colorful yet translucent look.

Athletic: This men’s style features a square eye shape and raised bridge design. The sporty, open temple design adds contrast and lightness to the bold front. Temples are metallic colored and have a color pop at the tip. Available in burgundy, chocolate and navy blue.

In Burgundy

Athletic In Burgundy


Athletic Chocolate

Navy Blue

Athletic Navy Blue

Diplomatic clear look is offset with bolder temples cut in a truly retro style.


Diplomatic in Crystal

Navy Tortoise Fade

Diplomatic in Navy Tortoise Fade

Olive Tortoise Fade

Diplomatic in Olive Tortoise Fade

Made for the larger head, Adventurous features a squarish shape with layered temples.

Adventurous in Black

Adventurous in Black

Adventurous in Blue Tortoise Fade

Adventurous in Blue Tortoise Fade

Adventurous in Tortoise Fade

Adventurous in Tortoise Fade

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