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WTFrame: Thankschanukah Shades

From Blitzknitz on Etsy, the perfect, I can wear it for the entire holiday season sunglasses. Fun blue flash-tinted sung

WTFrame: Vivid Jeremy Scott Cat-Eye Sunglasses

Jeremy Scott the fashion designer has capacity to wow us every season. His clothing, part kitsch, part political stateme

Jeremy Scott’s Armed Forces Eyewear

Jeremy Scott is a real Sharp Shooter when it comes to taking iconic brands such as McDonald's and Barbie and integratin

Vintage Eyelash Eyewear

We women can get obsessed about our eyelashes. Too long, too short, too light, too dark... We try lash lengtheners, we c

Louise Gray Runway 2013

Is Space Age Fashion Eyewear coming back? What is the deal with the tie back ribbons? I saw the Satu Maaranen eyewear co

WTFrame: Movember Stash Shades By Pierre Eyewear

Pierre Eyewear Moustache Shades are perfect to wear for Movember. The round shape is surrounded by a smiling mustache wh

Jeremy Scott Emoticon Sunglasses

Happy Halloween, and I know these are not Halloween eyeglasses, but they do look like pumpkins. Jeremy Scotts Emoticon S

WTFrame Friday: Sunwear For Urban Warriors

Urban Warriors fight many battles, parking, traffic, high rents and people. Gentle Monster's 'Urban Warrior Sunwear' can

Spooktacular Shades

We love these spectacular illustrated Halloween Eyeglasses by Molinaro Vision. I know you can find pumpkin glasses in n

WTFrame Friday: Fabulous Fakoshima Sunwear

Fakoshima is a fairly new sunwear brand that is packing some 'futuristic eyewear punch'.  Based in Hong Kong and Russia

Meadham Kirchoff

It's that time again… Halloween! For some of us who are Halloween obsessed we start thinking about the next October 31

WTFrame: Bone Eyewear

Celebrating National Bone and Joint Week, a global event, which focuses on arthritis, back pain, osteoporosis and trauma

Stylish Knitted Sunwear

As fall has approached it's time to put away those Bermuda shorts and wayfarer sunglasses and opt for something a little

Funky Feather Frames By J.F.Rey

Zazou is an original creation inspired by the world of haute couture. This extraordinary work results from a collaborati

Mykita Pirate Sunglasses 2013

Ahoy there mateys! September 19 is National Talk Like a Pirate Day.. the day you can say things like shiver me timbers,

WTFrame: Elina Gleizer Walnut Goggles

Designer Elina Gleizer has created a completely handmade jewelry and accessories line inspired by the human form.  Kno

Safilo Launches Limited Edition Peggy Guggenheim Butterfly Sunglasses

Safilo celebrates its 80th anniversary by launching a new limited edition inspired by the legendary glasses once worn by

Bacon Sunglasses for National Bacon Day

National Bacon Day is August 30 and as much as we know Bacon is not eye healthy, it is pretty hard to resist showing Bac

WTFrame: Visored Sunglass by Linda Farrow and KTZ

Visors were hot for SS 14 and this extreme creation is absolutely sizzling.  Linda Farrow eyewear design company has be

WTFrame: Pixelated Sunglasses

The phrase "History repeats itself" is pretty self explanatory, right? That must be why in the 21st century, where we wa

WTFrame- Heng Lee’s Majestic Metal Eyewear

Heng Lee refers to himself as a jeweler and a metalsmith, but I find his talents to far exceed any professional title.

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When you are a worldwide eyewear company having just celebrated your 50th birthday, what type of styles would you want to come out with to stay relevant and fresh? Silhoutte Eyewear, founded in 1964, … [Read More...]

Sarah Fawle

Randolph Engineering Announces New Director of Global Marketing…

(Randolph, Mass.) Randolph Engineering, Inc. is pleased to welcome Sarah Fawle as the new Director of Global Marketing. Fawle joins Randolph from the luxury yachting industry where she led Marketing … [Read More...]

Commit in White

Modish Eyewear From Modern Optical…

Modern Optical International featured new eyewear for Winter 2015 takes us back to the merry days of yore, abet with a mod touch. Retro in design, yet incorporating color-blocking trends in a … [Read More...]


Rimless Brendel Eyewear For Winter 2015…

Brendel has released their new rimless eyewear styles for women. The fresh new look is accented by etched temples, temple embossing, color and flattering shapes. Style 922023 features a softly rounded … [Read More...]



Fauna Frame Couture By Kliik Eyewear…

Fauna Frames are always in style bringing out a wild side in each of us. Designers have evolved the look every season to include a mirage of color … [Read More...]


Glitz and Glitter EyeGlasses…

Glitter, glitter and more glitter! From make-up to fabrics and accessories they light up the day and night and are one of the hottest fashion trends … [Read More...]

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Vintage Eyewear

Jeann Patchett 1949 in Round Black Sunglasses

Now And Then: Round Sunwear 1940…

The first eyeglasses were round, which makes round the longest running eyewear style ever.  We have paired some round and mostly white sunglasses from … [Read More...]


History of Tura Eyewear…

We are coming to an end to Tura Eyewear 75th year of celebration. Over the last 4 years we have featured many of Tura's iconic, innovative and swoon … [Read More...]

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Sarah Fawle

Randolph Engineering Announces New Director of Global Marketing…

(Randolph, Mass.) Randolph Engineering, Inc. is pleased to welcome Sarah Fawle as the new Director of Global Marketing. Fawle joins Randolph from the … [Read More...]

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Bolle Launches Prescription Eyewear For Athletes…

Paris & Overland Park, Kan November 2014 - Launched earlier this year, the Bollé 6th SENSE is the company’s most advanced performance model to date. Already being worn by UCI World Cup cycling … [Read More...]

Sun - Product - Adventurer Aviator - 8667 6231

Light As A Feather With Silhouette Sunwear…

Light as a feather and strong as a board are these ultra thin rimless aviators from eyewear company extraordinaire Silhouette.  Calling this classic design cool is a grave understatement; this look is … [Read More...]

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Eco Friendly Eyewear


#Give #Back Tuesday: Vera Bradley Eyewear Gives Back to Breast Cancer…

Vera Bradley commitment to breast cancer research continues to increase through the Vera Bradley Foundation for Breast Cancer. The Eyewear collection … [Read More...]


HF Eyewear Launches Save A Panda, Bamboo + Acetate Eyewear…

Another new 'Wood Eyewear' company is launched. Before we give you the update, most of the line is Bamboo, which is NOT a Wood, but a grass. There are … [Read More...]

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Smart Glasses

3D Contact Lens Coming Soon?…

Illustration depicting the layers of the LED device.
Kong et al, Nano Letters

Here's a hypothetical question: Would you rather have a head-up display on glasses or a contact lens? If you answered "contact lens", the bad news is … [Read More...]

Honor Smart Glasses To Take On Goggle Glass…


Launching November 24, the Honor Smart Glass is said to have a 5 megapixel camera, Android 4.4, KitKat operation systems and lens display with a … [Read More...]

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Eye Health


Best Eyewear For Dry Eye…

Most people with chronic dry eye syndrome are affected by sun, wind and glare. We get lots of questions about which sunglasses to wear to help … [Read More...]


Oxidative Stress & Aging Eyes…

A lively dinner discussion with a few biochemists on an article titled "Oxidative Stress and its Downstream Signaling in Aging Eyes" recently … [Read More...]

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Contact Lenses

contact lens info

Contact Lenses Are Like Underwear Infographic…

Funny but true info graphic on the importance of caring not only for your underwear. Not caring for your contact lenses can lead to nasty things like … [Read More...]

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Luxury Eyewear

Ed Beiner-1

Ottica Su Misura By Edward Beiner…

Always at the forefront of innovation and style, Edward Beiner Purveyor of Fine Eyewear is pleased to announce the launch of Ottica Su Misura by Edward Beiner, a unique new approach to eyewear shopping that will allow customers to custom design their frames. Edward Beiner customers, with the help of a design consultant, will be […]


Most Expensive Eyewear: $37,000 Sunglasses…

This qualifies as some of the most expensive eyewear in the world. Harvey Nichols department store created beautiful sunglasses by Linda Farrow, that will be retailing in the thousands of dollars. These limited edition sunglasses are 24 Kt gold plated and one even comes with diamonds encrusted on the frame. The styles have a classic […]


Peter Coombs Eyewear Design: Sparing No Expense…

Can you really put a price on quality? Well, if you are going to retail something I guess you have to.  With the eyewear market place being so saturated, Australian designer Peter Coombs decided to take the high-end road with the creation of these limited edition Oblo frames.  These edgy eyeglasses are composed with silver […]

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