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Dalmatian Sunglasses To Celebrate National Fire Pup Day- Oct

In our constant search for the perfect eyewear for every occasion, we dug up some Dalmatian Eyewear designed by Alain Mi

Scottie Dog Eyewear by Anglo American on ebay

National Dog Day is August 26th 2015. While we appreciate the dog days of summer, we love even more Kitsch Eyewear that

WTFrame: Tripping Out on Mood Eyeglasses

Why take a drug trip when you can get the same effect with Bence Agoston Mood Glasses. Made from 3D, these glasses come


World Elephant Day is August 12, a day set aside to help preserve and protect elephants. To help bring attention this im

Peace Sign Eyewear

Jeremy Scott, the King of Kitsch, has the power to wow and amuse every season. For his spring summer 2015, the two style

WTFrame: Faux Fur Frames

Quite awhile ago we wrote on Holes, these prismatic trip inducing eyewear. We thought the regular holes were spacey, but

WTFrame; Extreme Jeweled Cat-Eye Sunglasses

Bejeweled, pink cat- eyed sunglass are a glamorous statement of the pst. Set with a variety of stones and detailing, the

WTFrame: Black Eyewear Brings Back Mod Fashion

We love Black Eyewear nod to Space Age Fashion. Style Birdland brings back the mod look of the 1960's with an update Ale

WTFrame: Shark Week Shades

Every year during Shark Week we go out and try to find the latest in Shark Eyewear.. and here we are. Listed in Etsy, so

LInda Farrow for Yazbukey

Did you know that July 6 was International Kissing Day or World Kiss Day. Apparently someone thought that people might h

WTFrame: Macabre Material Memorie Sunwear

Many years ago we did a post on Materials Memorie,the Wearable Art Sunwear created by Victor Hugo. He was just starting

Knitted Spectacles For World Knit In Public Day

Today we are celebating World Knit In Public Day.  Established in 2005, this day is celebrated the 2nd Saturday in June

Louis Feraud Kissing Fish Sunwear - $2900 on ebay

I don't know why this is, perhaps I am a bit obsessed, but I try to find eyewear or sunwear to match a daily or monthly

Image: Mikli

June 3 is National Egg Day. Eggs have many healthy benefits, protein, Selenium Vitamin D, B6, B12, Zinc, Iron and Copper

Bionic Visors by House of Flora

When you think of London you may picture the royal family, afternoon tea, and rainy weather.  If that's all that comes

WTFrame: Ready To Teddy Bear Sunwear

I love kitsch and here it is in perfection with Jeremy Scott and Moschino Teddy Bear Glasses introduced at their Fall Wi

Purring Over Make Me Meow Sunglasses

Sometimes you feel like a kitten and sometimes you don't, which is why we are totally charmed by the Cat-Eye Kitten EyeG

WTFrame: Vintage Pterodactyl Eyewear For National Dinosaur Day

Dino-mite eyewear is all the rage, especially for any one of the National Dinosaur Days, May 15, June 1 and August 2nd,

Linda Farrow

Linda Farrow x Markus Lupfer Fall Winter Sunglasses 2016 showcased Daisy Sunglasses. Set in a translucent background wit

Design Your Own Eyeglass App By JINS

Innovative eyewear company JINS not only just opened their first store in San Francisco, they have now launched an app t

WTFrame: Tropical Sunglasses Are Perfect For Clubbing

Just in time for the summer, these opulent psychedelic sunglasses are something to rave about. Part of the 'I Still Love

Optical Vision Resources

Sci-Fi Contact Lenses Coming Soon

Magic Leap who had a huge investment by Google earlier this year has just filed 97 patents for Augmented Reality Contact Lenses. They released a cute video back in March. Magic Leap, which is still keeping quiet about what exactly it’s building at its Florida headquarters, has applied for 97 patents, including one for an [...]

Rockit Ballet Slipper Pink for web

C4 Eyewear x Susie Wall Benefits Cause We Care Foundation

VANCOUVER, BC, 2015 — C4: Canadian Creative Collaborative for Charity is Claudia Alan’s new, ready to wear line of luxury eyewear. The C4 Eyewear debut collection is a collaboration with Canadian style icon, Susie Wall, to benefit  Cause We Care Foundation.  Launching for Holiday 2015, the capsule collection is comprised of three sunglasses and four readers. Priced up [...]


BlackFin For the Dart18 European Championship

Blackfin, the brand of titanium eyewear entirely made in Italy, is one of the official sponsors for the Dart18 European Championship, the catamaran championship held from 1 to 7 August at Marina di Grosseto in Tuscany. Over 150 sailors from 6 different nations are expected to take part in a series of races resulting in [...]

Max Studio

Celebrating Leopard Eyewear For National Wildlife Day

Most of the world has mourned Cecil, the protected lion that was killed by a trophy hunter. Unfortunately, big game/trophy hunting is big business and said to bring in $200 Million to the economy in Africa. Lions are not the only cats that are hunted. Leopards are also hunted and poached with most of them [...]


Kirk and Kirk Launch Colorful Kaleidoscope Eyewear

Kirk & Kirk announce the launch of their new eyewear collection called Kaleidoscope. Inspired by Kalos, Greek god of beauty and comprising of a unique colour palette that is in tune with seasonal fashion trends but is distinctly different from the crowd. The eyewear from start to finish is hand made in France. Why acrylic? It allows the [...]


Safilo Inks Licensing Deal With Elie Saab

Luisa Delgado, CEO of Safilo, the renowned fully integrated Italian eyewear creator, and Elie Saab, the eponymous Lebanese designer whose elegant and romantic creations celebrate femininity and beauty, announce the launch of the very first ELIE SAAB eyewear collection. The licensing agreement has been signed today and will run until 2025. The first collection will [...]


Stand Out Colors With William Morris Eyewear

What else can you do with a soft cat-eye to stand out among the crowd? Add color, add gradients, add texture, add layers all which William Morris has done to enhance the stand out appeal of fashion eyewear. In Style 9916 William Morris has gone full board ahead with a bold top brow line, accenting [...]

pollipo white

Posh Pollipo Sunglasses

Dramatic shapes that flair with crystal accents make these sunglasses pop.. or in this case Pollipop! Pollipo is an Italian eyewear line of eyewear and sunwear, that offers more than just the classic retro look. We love the stonework… everybody needs a touch of glamour and we embedding crystals or stones into eyewear, just makes [...]

Recycled Eyewear

ReView Sunglasses Are Made From Trash

Design company Miniwiz has found a way to recycle the millions of CD’s and DVD’s going into the waste stream. These Green and eco friendly sunglasses are made from 2 CD and DVDs and enhanced with agricultural waste from rice husks. Even the sunglass case packaging is made with post consumer waste consisting of recycled PP (polypropylene). Each [...]

Alain Mikli

Dalmatian Sunglasses To Celebrate National Fire Pup Day- Oct

In our constant search for the perfect eyewear for every occasion, we dug up some Dalmatian Eyewear designed by Alain Mikli to help celebrate National Fire Pup Day on October 1. Long before the days of fire trucks the loyal Dalmatians would guard the horses and wagons sent to fight fires, even keeping the pace [...]

iConnect – Headphone Eyewear

iConnect – Headphone Eyewear

First there was Buhel Tech Sunglasses who kicked butt on their Kickstarter Campaign raising over $400,000 for their headphone sunglasses and we just discovered Toxic Eyewear has launched their own Bluetooth Device that is integrated into the temple. Called iconnect, the new product also connect via a bluetooth device which is integrated on the temple. [...]

Extinct eyewear

Kickstarting Monday: Extinct Sunwear Gives Back To Save Wildlife

SANTA CRUZ, Calif., Aug, 2015 — Extinct Sunwear, a new sunglasses and apparel company, seeks to combat the threat to animal extinction around the world in a stylish and unusual way by creating awareness through the marketing of retro- and species-inspired eye-wear for young adults. Founders Kaitlyn Yee, 18, and Alex Ferriera, 19, decided to [...]


Rezin Wood Stone Sunwear

Out of France, a new wood eyewear company Rezin Wood is making FSC certified wood eyewear and gives back by planting a tree for every frame sold on their website. We are especially impressed with their Graffite collection of mahogany and granite stone eyewear. Many would think that they have rocks in their head for [...]

Mezzi Holding To Acquire Capital Eyewear

Aug 28, 2015 Mezzi Holdings Inc. (“MEZZI” or the “Company”) (MZI)(fra:0MZ) is pleased to announce that it has signed a Letter of Intent to acquire Capital Eyewear (“Capital”), which is a profitable independent eyewear design and manufacturing company based in San Francisco, California. Since commencing operations in 2009, Capital has developed a popular line of [...]

Blue, Pink Black,

Bespoke Eyewear From Ozona Occhiali

Continuing in our search for Bespoke Eyewear, we ran across Italian eyewear designer Sandro Gonnella for Ozona Occhiali. Named Ozona for “La zona O” meaning the place where everything turns around, situated in front of one of the most beautiful and noble buildings of Perugia and an ancient well under it.’ Sandro Gonnella designed eyewear [...]