56 Edgy Eyeglasses Made From Innovative Materials

The first eyeglasses were made from materials, whalebone, ivory (illegal now), wood and even skin. Most eyewear today is

Colibris Eyewear Pays Homage To Holsten Gate

Colibris is a Germany eyewear company that is known for making eyewear for small faces. What we didn't know about was th

Martian Eyewear For Halloween

With Halloween coming up, there will be many aliens on the street. In case you do not want to go the hassle of making or

Throwback Thursday: Vintage Alain Mikli Bat Glasses

We ran across an extremely rare Alain Mikli Bat Eyeglasses which are perfect to wear for quite a few events through the


Comic-Con or Halloween either way these Super Hero Masks are sure to get attention any time. While you can't RX them, th

1980's Alain mikli

Everything that goes around comes around and we see it for Jeremy Scott's Spring Summer Runway show 2017 featuring the i

Enchanting Eyeball Eyeglasses For Halloween

We all know that spooky, eerie, cruddy and bloody eyeballs are a perfect accessory for Halloween. But sometimes you want

WTFrame: Name Your Car Day Eyewear

According to a survey by Nationwide in a USA Today article, one in four people name their cars, which is probably why we


International Music Day is October 1 and a day to celebrate how music makes our lives better.  We love the clef symbol

What to Eyewear For Adopt A Dog Month

October is National Adopt a Dog Month. This is the month to treat yourself and adopt or rescue a dog. Whilst there are a

2002 Eye Witness

I saw my first Theo in San Francisco in 1991 and immediately fell in love with their colors and shapes. Today and for a

WTFrame: Fak By Fak x Walter Van Beirendonck

One menswear designer I always look forward to seeing is Walter Van Beirendonck. It is not just the clothing which are d

WTFrame: Percy Lau Eyeball Eyewear

Percy Lau is known for his unusual artistic interpretation of eyewear. His out of the box designs is both an expression


Wow.. Impressive... these are great, were the first thoughts when I ran across artisan Egyptian Eyewear company Amr Saa


We wonder how Australian company Rock on a Lens got it's name? However they named their company, we are are finding thei


Our favorite pick for a Olympic patriotic look for Italy are these Gondola EyeGlasses from Ottica Urbani which they call

Rain Clouds

Life could not exist with rain which is why people and cultures have celebrated rain throughout history. Rain gives life


We found some more super hero eyewear perfect for Comic Con in San Diego. Harley Quinn is the fictional foe of Batman. S

Shark Eyewear by Anglo American on Etsy

Shark Awareness Day is July 14 and usually evolves around Shark Week, which starts July 5, 2015. No matter what, we love

Five Peace Sign Sunglasses

I was watching Miss Congeniality the other day and here are these beauty contestants wishing for World Peace. As we go i

A Morrir Style Shankar

India participated at the Olympic Games in 1900, with a solo athlete (Norman Pritchard) won two medals- both silver- i

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Comical Batman Sunglasses…

We missed Batman Day which is September 17 but who knew?  These heroic specs are not just for Batman Day or Comic Con, they can be worn anytime. Italian eyewear company G Seven Stars obviously loves Batman too with a special project launch. The  DC BATMAN COMICS Collection is covered with Batman comic including the infamous ‘POW’ […]


Raucous Reindeer Reading Glasses…

Tis the season to be jolly and we had a great laugh with these Reindeer Magnifiers from Flippan Look .Based in Madrid, Spain, the whimsical reader collection just came to our attention even though they were founded in 2010. The look will sleigh (lol) anyone when they are wearing them. This is a perfect fashion accessory […]


Colorful Kaos Eyeglasses For Winter 2017…

The one thing I truly love about Kaos eyewear is the colors. New for Winter 2017 are two new styles featuring two toned fronts with accessorizing temples. KK395 model. a feminine eyewear frame with a classic, yet jaunty design. The rim, with thick profiles, plays on the chromatic contrasts between the inside and the outside […]


Sartorial Shades By Victor & Rolf Couture Sunwear…

Nothing says sartorial than bow ties. With bow ties for men making a comeback and why should women be left out?  We adore Victor and Rolf‘s  Couture Bow Tie Sunglass. A dramatic triangular shape with a tied bridge mades this the perfect dapper accessory for women or men.


J.F.Rey Receives V Award at Hong Kong Optical Fair…

Style JF2756 by Jean Francois rey was awarded at Hong Kong Optical Fair the Silver V. Award in the category of Optical Frames. The frame is titanium with a rolling wave across the top bar. His campaign is Life Is Color. The description of the frame: The aesthetics and the elegance of this singular form […]

Metroplex 30th Anniversary limited edition 300 units

Square Is In With Vava Sunglasses…

To be round or to be square? You don’t have to answer this with Vava Eyewear‘s new Round Lens in a Square Frame concept. The sunglasses are made with a bio Plastic cellulose acetate  from Mazzucchelli. The lenses are flat glass from Barberini flat lenses, all with oleophobic coating, scratch-resistant lenses, UV protection and antireflection. Via […]


WooDone Grows With New Wood Eyewear Factory…

The original idea of WooDone – set up in 2011 by two entrepreneurs from Alto Adige, Thomas Oberegger and Klaus Tavella, who were inspired by the breathtaking views of the Dolomites – strengthens its position in the eyewear industry and confirms the uniqueness of the brand and its products by inaugurating the new Wood Production […]

Sightbox Raises $1.8 Million For Contact Lens Biz…

PORTLAND, Ore., Nov., 2016 — Vision care startup Sightbox has raised $1.8 million to fund a new service for people who wear contact lenses. The service combines popular aspects of vision insurance, online retail, and customer service for consumers while also generating new business for the more than 50,000 local optometry businesses across the US. […]

Imagine in Brown Gold

Donning the Dots With Polka Dotted Eyewear…

Trends come and go, but one style that remains forever is polka dots! Modern Optical loves them too coming out every season with a new Polka-Dotted Eyewear look. We know why, they are fun, sexy, whimsical and vintage. Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor wore polka dots, Lucille Ball and Minnie Mouse wore polka dots.. and one […]


Kaleos Eye Hunters UpDo Eyeglasses…

Spain is becoming quite the eyewear trendsetting place. We just found Kaleos Eyehunters an eyewear line changing the landscape of eyewear design. We call this look a Facial Frame, meaning it could be a whimsical anime eye, it could be lips or even a fifties updo. Available in sun or Rx, wearers have a choice of glitter […]

TV Eyeglasses

World Television Day Eyewear: November 21…

If you can believe this, there is a World Television Day which is celebrated November 21! Celebrating this eventful and ad- filled day we are featuring Pop Culture TV Set Sunglasses for your viewing pleasure. Promoting TV watching and thus ad’s in December  of 1996 the United Nations General Assembly proclaimed 21 November as World Television Day. This […]

Abalone Eyewear

56 Edgy Eyeglasses Made From Innovative Materials…

The first eyeglasses were made from materials, whalebone, ivory (illegal now), wood and even skin. Most eyewear today is made from materials such as: Nylon, Aluminum, Carbon Fiber Graphite, titanium, zyl acetate, stainless steel, monel, copper beryllium. A few jewelers and craftsmen are making real gold and silver. There is a growth of  bio-materials using materials […]


Spektre Sunglasses: Shades Of Art Deco…

Spektre, the Italian eyewear brand that, since its launch in 2009 has won over bloggers, designers and top models around the world, introduced a new encircled sunglass in time for Resort Fashion. The latest-gen frames make ample use of combined or all-metal (hypoallergenic surgical steel) materials embellished with art-deco stylistic cues and bold geometrics, and […]

Matt Evergreen

Neubau Eyewear Pays Tribute To Sigmund Freud…

Freud revisited: neubau eyewear is celebrating one of the most influential thinkers of the western world with a new interpretation of his characteristic round eyeglasses, Sigmund. “The dream is the royal path to our soul,” Sigmund Freud once proclaimed. Considering eyes to be the mirror to the soul, it is even more important that they […]


Eyewear Design Using Recycled Materials…

America’s Recycle Day is November 15.  We appreciate artist’s like Hanna Tunemar who reclaims materials for her artwork. These eyeglasses made from cork and recycled metal and are not only a one of a kind but a work of art. Via Hanna Tunemar