Olga in Color 307

The new theo eyewear collection ‘Gymnasts’ pays homage to three icons and one icon-in-the-making in the world of gy


A fairly new Punk and Funk sunglass line just came to our attention. Called Enerjiee the name is perfect for this exuber

WTFrame: Sky Trues Coachella Eyewear

The Coachella Arts & Music Festival is kicking off which means a subset of performers, artists, celebrity guests, an

Nine Sunglasses With Safety Pins For National Safety Pin Day

How many of us have lost a screw in our eyeglass temples and that handy safety pin works like a charm. Safety Pins have

Vivienne Westwood Runway 2009

Aleut eyewear was worn by those in the frozen north for hundreds of years before the concept was re-introduced as fashio

Anglo American

International National Swan Day is an international event to promote women creativity and the arts.  March 26, 2016 is

Oliver Goldsmith- made these when Princesness Dianna found out she was pregnant

Stork Day is celebrated March 25. This Stork Sunglass was made by Oliver Goldsmith in response to Lady Dianna expecting

WTFrame Fakoshima x Manish Arora

Fakoshima and Manish Arora have created a series of five Limited Edition selection of eyewear and sunwear. The first tw

Safilo Launches New Peggy Guggenheim Sunwear

Peggy Guggenheim was not only a passionate collector and patron, but one of the cornerstones of the foundation of modern

1960 Jantzen Ad

National Jewelry Day is March 13 and lets celebrate by wearing iconic eyewear with earring temples. Eyewear is fun. Cos

WTFrame: Raving Over Givenchy Sunglasses

The rave scene was born in the early 1990s and never really seemed to go away.  Though the music and fashion has change

Jeremy Scott Emojii Sunglasses For Pepsi

Jeremy Scott, creator of many Emoji Sunglasses over the years is now in a collaboration with Pepsi for Emoji Sunglasses.

Gro Riley

Seeing the metaphorical glass as half full is a sign of optimism. So what does it mean when your eyeglass or sunglass le

WTFrame Gentle Monster Arrow Sunglasses

Gentle Monster in a collaboration with Kye SS16 sunglasses featured cupid arrows for the temples. This is certainly an i

Parasite CYB124L

With a name like Parasite Eyewear you know the various sunwear styles this brand creates are inevitably set to push the

Pepperoni Pie Pizza Glasses

Pizza is one of America's favorite food and we ingest the average of 46 slices of pizza a year. As much as we love Pizza

WTFrame: These Are Major Cat-Eye Glasses

Yazbukey the famed designer is know for his wild and wide-eyed sunglasses. The latest look is truly eye-boggling, start

WTFrame- Unicorn Sunwear For International Unicorn Day

Who doesn't like Unicorns! They are the stuff of fantasy, They are whimsical and mythological. Even the ancient Babyloni

Mercura Big Daisy Butterfly sunglasses featured in Elle Magazine Play Time - Elle France Styled by Elissa Castelbou#Photo by Matt Jones — in France.

National Daisy Day is celebrated January 28 of every year. Did you know that daisies are found everywhere in the world e

3D Popcorn Glasses to wear Jan. 19  For International Popcorn Day

These days it seems as though there is a "day" to commemorate just about anything! September 29 is "International Coffee

Playing Card Eyewear For National Card Playing Day

National Card playing day is December 28, a perfect day to sit down with friends and have some card playing fun. Our cho

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PALM SPRINGS, CA - APRIL 16:  Actor/musician Jared Leto attends The Retreat Palm Springs 2016 on April 16, 2016 in Palm Springs, California.  (Photo by Jonathan Leibson/Getty Images for Lodger Flms) Via Safilo

Jared Leto Seen Wearing Carrera Sunglasses…

Maverick hero JARED LETO attending the Coachella Festival wearing the CARRERA Impel Sunglasses (style Carrera 113/S).

Ellen Tracy Style Merida in Pine Green

Glam It Up Eyewear For Mothers Day…

Traditionally we take our Mothers to brunch, buy them flowers and maybe a new sweater. Better yet, how about an alternative such as chic and fun sparkled eyewear. We put together a few different eyewear looks for Mothers of all ages, sizes and shapes. Known for their blinged out crystal creations, Jimmy Crystal’s new style […]

Indianas Formentra Cork Sunglasses

10 Eco Friendly Cork Eyeglasses…

One of the most eco-friendly materials an eyewear designer can use is cork. Cork is biodegradable, fire retardant and lightweight. Best of all removing cork from trees does not kill the tree, in fact due to production, that is the last thing you would want to do is kill trees. Cork has been used for […]

PALM SPRINGS, CA - APRIL 15:  Actress Emma Roberts attends The Retreat Palm Springs 2016 on April 15, 2016 in Palm Springs, California.  (Photo by Jonathan Leibson/Getty Images for [is.])

Emma Roberts Wearing Jimmy Choo Sunglasses…

Sunglasses are a must in Coachella. Seen here is actress Emma Roberts wearing Jimmy Choo sunglass style Andie in Coachella on April 15. Huge round sunglasses with a slight shield side inset with glitz adds a touch of glamour to this rocking event. Via Safilo 

Olga in Color 307

Theo’s Gymnastic Eyewear Is Spectacular…

The new theo eyewear collection ‘Gymnasts’ pays homage to three icons and one icon-in-the-making in the world of gymnastics. Four exceptional top athletes who each in their own way combine strength and elegance to achieve an outstanding result. This is exactly the combo you’ll nd in the four theo models Olga, Epke, Nadia and Sawao. Human […]


WTFrame: Extravagant Enerjiee Eyewear…

A fairly new Punk and Funk sunglass line just came to our attention. Called Enerjiee the name is perfect for this exuberant sunglass collection. Zesty, bold and sparkling, the collection is not for the faint of heart. Based in the fashion capital of New York designer Sherine Patrick is creating sunglasses with a mixture of […]

Photo: Courtesy of Fendi

Vanessa Hudgens Wearing Fendi Sunglasses…

Vanessa Hudgens was seen wearing Fendi Style Iridia Sunglasses (style FF 0060/S) in Hollywood on March 31st. The Fendi Sunglasses are a sharp cat-eye shape with stepped temples.    

2010 Louis Vuitton Sunglass Style Ella

Eyewear Now And Then: Upswept Sunwear…

Over the last several years we have seen the cat-eye take on some very dramatic looks. The upsweep is akin to the raised eyebrow, the look of surprise? The look can be layered over a round frame or a square frame or even another cat-eye. Is this look new? The Harlequin look came in the […]

Silhouette-TMA Pulse

Silhouette Wins Red Dot Award 2016…

With the release of Titan Minimal Art Pulse in March 2016, Silhouette aimed to celebrate the success of its iconic glasses with a vibrant update. More than 10 million Titan Minimal Art frames have been sold worldwide since its launch in 1999, proving that this innovative style is at the forefront of rimless eyewear. The […]

Rudy Project

XX2i Optics Named Official Sunglass of the Ulman Cancer Fund’s “Key to Keys” Bicycle Ride…

Denver, CO – XX2i Optics, a popular eyewear solution for cyclists of all abilities, has partnered with the Ulman Cancer Fund to become the Official Sunglass of their annual “Key to Keys” Bicycle Ride. From April 9th to the 16th, UFC Key to Keys ambassadors ride from Baltimore, Maryland to Key West, Florida raising awareness […]

MVP Modern Optical

Modz Kids Eyeglasses Are Cool…

Modz Kids frames put a smile on everyone’s face! Kids love them for their cool styles and vibrant colors. Parents love them for their durability and affordability, making a back-up pair of glasses a viable option. Modz Kids debuts new releases reflecting today’s eyewear trends. The eyeglasses  infuse fun and color, often into quasi-grown up […]


UX Share x X-ide Launches Reusable Bottle…

UX Share your Eyewear by X-IDE is now coming packaged in a reusable bottle that is perfect for any activity and a sustainable life. As we approach Earth Day and the summer…one can’t have too many reusable bottles. I know I have about ten scattered throughout the house and car. Once again you can look […]


Wiley X – WX Boss With Polarized Venice Gold Mirror Lenses…

The new-for-2016 WX Boss with Matte Black frame and Polarized Venice Gold Mirror lenses (#CCBOS04) is a pair of sunglasses that delivers the whole package for outdoor enthusiasts — stylish good looks, advanced glare-cutting vision and the proven protection that Wiley X is known for around the world. This powerful combination of features makes this […]


Famous Eyewear From Pop Culture…

We love this infographic on Famous Eyewear from Pop Culture. It came to us from Sunglass Warehouse. Everyone from Harry Potter to Tina Fey wearing iconic eyewear, because who doesn’t recognize without eyeglasses?

Chroma 3X

Cutting Edge Materials Utilized in Adlens Focuss Eyewear…

Adlens®, the global leader in adjustable focus eyewear, celebrated Vision Expo East 2016 by revealing two exciting new frame styles for AdlensFocuss™. The new styles, Chroma and Echo, were designed by the preeminent frame designer Dr. Blake Kuwahara, President at Focus Group West, utilizing a new set of cutting edge materials. As well as giving […]