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Jeremy Scott Emoticon Sunglasses

Happy Halloween, and I know these are not Halloween eyeglasses, but they do look like pumpkins. Jeremy Scotts Emoticon S

WTFrame Friday: Sunwear For Urban Warriors

Urban Warriors fight many battles, parking, traffic, high rents and people. Gentle Monster's 'Urban Warrior Sunwear' can

Spooktacular Shades

We love these spectacular illustrated Halloween Eyeglasses by Molinaro Vision. I know you can find pumpkin glasses in n

WTFrame Friday: Fabulous Fakoshima Sunwear

Fakoshima is a fairly new sunwear brand that is packing some 'futuristic eyewear punch'.  Based in Hong Kong and Russia

Meadham Kirchoff

It's that time again… Halloween! For some of us who are Halloween obsessed we start thinking about the next October 31

WTFrame: Bone Eyewear

Celebrating National Bone and Joint Week, a global event, which focuses on arthritis, back pain, osteoporosis and trauma

Stylish Knitted Sunwear

As fall has approached it's time to put away those Bermuda shorts and wayfarer sunglasses and opt for something a little

Funky Feather Frames By J.F.Rey

Zazou is an original creation inspired by the world of haute couture. This extraordinary work results from a collaborati

Mykita Pirate Sunglasses 2013

Ahoy there mateys! September 19 is National Talk Like a Pirate Day.. the day you can say things like shiver me timbers,

WTFrame: Elina Gleizer Walnut Goggles

Designer Elina Gleizer has created a completely handmade jewelry and accessories line inspired by the human form.  Kno

Safilo Launches Limited Edition Peggy Guggenheim Butterfly Sunglasses

Safilo celebrates its 80th anniversary by launching a new limited edition inspired by the legendary glasses once worn by

Bacon Sunglasses for National Bacon Day

National Bacon Day is August 30 and as much as we know Bacon is not eye healthy, it is pretty hard to resist showing Bac

WTFrame: Visored Sunglass by Linda Farrow and KTZ

Visors were hot for SS 14 and this extreme creation is absolutely sizzling.  Linda Farrow eyewear design company has be

WTFrame: Pixelated Sunglasses

The phrase "History repeats itself" is pretty self explanatory, right? That must be why in the 21st century, where we wa

WTFrame- Heng Lee’s Majestic Metal Eyewear

Heng Lee refers to himself as a jeweler and a metalsmith, but I find his talents to far exceed any professional title.


Many props to Flickr, a popular photo sharing website, for hosting these Iron glasses that are sure to have you calling

Bespectacled Bowling Sunnies For National Bowling Day

National Bowling Day is August 11 and hopefully this will continue, as on this day it is said that people will be able t

WTFrame: Customized Pixeled Sunwear

Ministeck the company launched a collection of fun, legoish, pixeled eyewear from a fairly new eyewear collection called

Anglo American Dragon Eyewear

National Dinosaur Day has many days, May 15, June 1 and August 2nd, whether you are a scientist, a kid or an adult or a


Au Jour De Jour, French for Day to Day, is name of this playful collection of eyewear by G-Sevenstars. Though the compan

WTFrame: Healthy Hot Dog Sunglasses

National Hot Dog Day is July 23, another Who Knew? According to the National Hot Dog and Sausage Council, American purch

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Marcolin to Double In-House Made in Italy Production…

A New 3,500m2 Manufacturing Facility to Be Based in the Eyewear District  LONGARONE, ITALY--October, 2014) - Marcolin, a worldwide leading eyewear company, announced today the acquisition of a new … [Read More...]

GV 771

Gloria Vanderbilt’s Soft Toned Eyewear For Mature Women…

All the drama aside, the new Gloria Vanderbilt frames for Fall and Winter are fashionably simple for the mature women. Each style features a larger shape which is good for any type of lenses with … [Read More...]

jsemoticon- linda farrow

Jeremy Scott Emoticon Sunglasses…

Happy Halloween, and I know these are not Halloween eyeglasses, but they do look like pumpkins. Jeremy Scotts Emoticon Sunglasses were the viral runway news in 2012. You can not get the emoticon … [Read More...]


Brendel Debuts Women Sunwear For Fall 2014…

New York, NY  – Tura  debuts the 2015 women’s sunwear styles from Brendel. The eye-catching frames include edgy geometric shapes, color blocking and fades, bold prints, custom acetate, Italian zyl, … [Read More...]


Second Ave Black

Cruz Eyewear: A Layered, Classic Look For Men…

A&A Optical's new  CruzTM eyewear called Second Ave is an affordable luxury designed for the discriminating man. Featuring a triple layered look … [Read More...]


Blake Kuwahara Debuts First Eyewear Collection…

Reknown eyewear designer, Blake Kuwahara, debuted his first eponymous eyewear collection during the optical shows in Las Vegas in September followed … [Read More...]

Vintage Eyewear

How To Find The Right Glasses By Eye Candy…

Love this video on the basics of finding the right eyeglasses. Showcasing Fabulous Fannies in New York, featuring their vintage collection of … [Read More...]

Vintage Edith Head

Edith Head Wearing Glamour Eyewear…

Edith Head was a noted Hollywood costume designer. 'In 1924, despite lacking art, design, and costume design experience, Head was hired as a costume … [Read More...]



Marcolin to Double In-House Made in Italy Production…

A New 3,500m2 Manufacturing Facility to Be Based in the Eyewear District  LONGARONE, ITALY--October, 2014) - Marcolin, a worldwide leading eyewear … [Read More...]



Rust By Tom Rebl Eyewear…

Perfectly balanced between opposites that attract and repel, between East and West, between roots and avant-garde. An interplay of symbolic cross-references inspired by the world in its multiple … [Read More...]

cocoon goggles

Cocoons Adds Ski Goggles For Winter…

San Luis Obispo, CA - Cocoons, long regarded as the world's leading brand of fitovers, has been expanded to include a range of goggles designed for winter sports. Specifically engineered to be worn … [Read More...]

Eco Friendly Eyewear

Girls who code

Penn Avenue Eyewear Gives Back To Girls Who Code…

Penn Avenue Eyewear is happy to announce the addition of Girls Who Code to its Give Back program. The Penn Avenue Eyewear Give Back program allows … [Read More...]


Kickstarting Monday: Pterys, Wooden Eyewear For A Cause…

This new wood eyeglass line has an interesting name and a story. Pterys  is named after an eye disease called pterygium, that is common in tropical … [Read More...]

Smart Glasses

SmartGlass Company Atheer Hires New CEO…

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., Oct, 2014  Atheer, the company pioneering Augmented Interactive Reality (AiR), combining the power of 3D augmented reality with … [Read More...]

Rochester Optical Introduces Simon Chim Eyewear For Smart Glasses…

chimm eyewear

Rochester, NY October, 2014:   Smart glasses are getting a makeover with Rochester Optical’s Smart Solutions and Simon Chim’s fashion design flair. … [Read More...]

Eye Health


Protein Packed Drinks for Eye Health…

Visiting the eye doctor can often feel like returning to elementary school. Reading a list of letters, numbers, and simple sentences isn’t a task that … [Read More...]

Jenn Falik’s Beauty Tips For Girls Who Wear Glasses

Jenn Falik’s Beauty Tips For Girls Who Wear Glasses…

Eyecessorize spokesperson and style expert Jenn Falik was here to teach eyewear to ladies on how  how to alter their beauty routines to further … [Read More...]

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Contact Lenses

FDA Teams Up For Campaign Against Decorative Contact Lenses…

Dixon is among a growing number of people nationwide who, while trying to be trendy, are unknowingly risking their eyes when they buy the illegal, … [Read More...]

Luxury Eyewear

Ed Beiner-1

Ottica Su Misura By Edward Beiner…

Always at the forefront of innovation and style, Edward Beiner Purveyor of Fine Eyewear is pleased to announce the launch of Ottica Su Misura by Edward Beiner, a unique new approach to eyewear shopping that will allow customers to custom design their frames. Edward Beiner customers, with the help of a design consultant, will be […]


Most Expensive Eyewear: $37,000 Sunglasses…

This qualifies as some of the most expensive eyewear in the world. Harvey Nichols department store created beautiful sunglasses by Linda Farrow, that will be retailing in the thousands of dollars. These limited edition sunglasses are 24 Kt gold plated and one even comes with diamonds encrusted on the frame. The styles have a classic […]


Peter Coombs Eyewear Design: Sparing No Expense…

Can you really put a price on quality? Well, if you are going to retail something I guess you have to.  With the eyewear market place being so saturated, Australian designer Peter Coombs decided to take the high-end road with the creation of these limited edition Oblo frames.  These edgy eyeglasses are composed with silver […]