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WTFrame: Faux Fur Frames

Quite awhile ago we wrote on Holes, these prismatic trip inducing eyewear. We thought the regular holes were spacey, but

WTFrame; Extreme Jeweled Cat-Eye Sunglasses

Bejeweled, pink cat- eyed sunglass are a glamorous statement of the pst. Set with a variety of stones and detailing, the

WTFrame: Black Eyewear Brings Back Mod Fashion

We love Black Eyewear nod to Space Age Fashion. Style Birdland brings back the mod look of the 1960's with an update Ale

WTFrame: Shark Week Shades

Every year during Shark Week we go out and try to find the latest in Shark Eyewear.. and here we are. Listed in Etsy, so

LInda Farrow for Yazbukey

Did you know that July 6 was International Kissing Day or World Kiss Day. Apparently someone thought that people might h

WTFrame: Macabre Material Memorie Sunwear

Many years ago we did a post on Materials Memorie,the Wearable Art Sunwear created by Victor Hugo. He was just starting

Knitted Spectacles For World Knit In Public Day

Today we are celebating World Knit In Public Day.  Established in 2005, this day is celebrated the 2nd Saturday in June

Louis Feraud Kissing Fish Sunwear - $2900 on ebay

I don't know why this is, perhaps I am a bit obsessed, but I try to find eyewear or sunwear to match a daily or monthly

Image: Mikli

June 3 is National Egg Day. Eggs have many healthy benefits, protein, Selenium Vitamin D, B6, B12, Zinc, Iron and Copper

Bionic Visors by House of Flora

When you think of London you may picture the royal family, afternoon tea, and rainy weather.  If that's all that comes

WTFrame: Ready To Teddy Bear Sunwear

I love kitsch and here it is in perfection with Jeremy Scott and Moschino Teddy Bear Glasses introduced at their Fall Wi

Purring Over Make Me Meow Sunglasses

Sometimes you feel like a kitten and sometimes you don't, which is why we are totally charmed by the Cat-Eye Kitten EyeG

WTFrame: Vintage Pterodactyl Eyewear For National Dinosaur Day

Dino-mite eyewear is all the rage, especially for any one of the National Dinosaur Days, May 15, June 1 and August 2nd,

Linda Farrow

Linda Farrow x Markus Lupfer Fall Winter Sunglasses 2016 showcased Daisy Sunglasses. Set in a translucent background wit

Design Your Own Eyeglass App By JINS

Innovative eyewear company JINS not only just opened their first store in San Francisco, they have now launched an app t

WTFrame: Tropical Sunglasses Are Perfect For Clubbing

Just in time for the summer, these opulent psychedelic sunglasses are something to rave about. Part of the 'I Still Love

Anglo American Scissors Eyewear

National Hairstyle Appreciation Day is April 30. This day celebrates and honors hairstyles of all types and hairstylists

Bold Bat Sunglasses By Anglo American For National Bat Day

National Bat Day is April 17, 2015. This is a day to bring an awareness of the importance of bats. They  are so importa

WTFrame: Jackie Anderson Designs Eyewear As Jewelry

I have been watching Jackie Anderson jeweler and eyewear designer for a few years.  Her latest eyewear inceptions take

WTFrame: Extreme Legionnaire Eyewear From Parasite

Reminiscent of birds and and mythical monsters the new wild look from Parasite Eyewear is called the The Legion. You can

WTFrame: Structural Sunwear From Albino

Albino Sunglasses for Spring Summer 2012 were an architectural wonder. These are heavy duty constructive sunglasses... I

Optical Vision Resources

Kids vision

Technology Use May Lead to Future Eye Health and Vision Issues In Children…

ST. LOUIS, Aug, 2015 — Digital technology has become an integral part of children’s lives both in the classroom and at home, and it’s predicted that by 2028 – the year when kids entering kindergarten this fall will graduate high school – many schools will rely heavily on computer simulations for instruction and will even incorporate […]


Pedal Powered Wood Eyewear…

This is impressive, these handmade wood sunglasses are created using good old fashioned pedal power.. no electricity. Based in Yellow Springs, Ohio, the creations are made with a reclaimed bicycle and it takes about 2 miles to make a pair of sunglasses. Here is what they say on the website: Minimizing waste and environmental impact […]

Vuzix M100

Vuzix M100 Smart Glasses Rxable Safety Eyewear Now Available…

Safety Standard Expands Industrial Opportunities for M100 Smart Glasses  ROCHESTER, N.Y. Aug 2015  Vuzix® Corporation (VUZI), a leading supplier of Video Eyewear and Smart Glasses products in the consumer, enterprise, and entertainment markets, is pleased to announce that Vuzix M100 Smart Glasses are now available for the first time in a prescription capable safety glass […]


Geometric Wood Sunwear From Laveta Eyewear…

Handcrafted in Andalusia, eyewear company Laveta is shaping unique wood sunglasses,  incorporating a parquet design work on the frame. Set in retro styles that both men and women can wear, the eyewear comes in both sunglass and optical. We just love the ‘Tree’ Rivet on the eyewire. Using wood that is endorsed by the  Code […]

Hudson_Dark Tortoishell

Roland Mouret Sunwear For Summer 2015…

Roland Mouret is a French clothing designer known for his Moon Dress worn by Victoria Beckham and collaboration with Banana Republic. We love the acetate aviator sunglasses for Summer 2015. A chunky top bar set with four larger screws sets off this look in a crystal clear acetate frame. Via Roland Mouret 


Modz Kids Eyewear For Back To School…

It’s back to school time and as we have said many times…. Girls just want to have fun… and why not match fun eyewear up with fun back packs! We found the perfect eco-friendly back packs that send a statement along the glasses! A slight uplift with a serious front look all backed by exciting […]

Google, Novartis and EPGL in Race to Develop First “Autofocus” Contact Lens…

IRVINE, Calif., July, 2015– EP Global Communications, Inc. (Public OTC: EPGL) Novartis CEO Joseph Jimenez has told the Financial Times that the market for an “Autofocus” contact lens could be worth, “anywhere between $10 billion and $50 billion in the next ten years.”  The Financial Times went on to say; “While Google’s efforts building a smart lens […]


WTFrame: Faux Fur Frames…

Quite awhile ago we wrote on Holes, these prismatic trip inducing eyewear. We thought the regular holes were spacey, but take load of these Chewybaca inspired prismatic specs. Here is your kaleidoscope glasses surrounded by faux fur in any color you want.. how fun or freaky is this? Via;Holes

Peridot For August

Jimmy Crystal Launches Swarovski Birthstone Readers…

Dallas, July 2015: A&A Optical introduces the all new Birthstone Readers from luxury collection: Jimmy Crystal New YorkTM. The designer eyewear collection is comprised of striking limited edition pieces reminiscent of a collector’s item. Each style is vibrant, unique and features birthstone inspired Swarovski Crystals. The Birthstone Readers(JCR362) are available in +1.50, +2.00, and +2.50. […]

An original pressing from 1977 was used and the record sleeve decorates the inner cover.

Vinylize Eyewear Creates Custom Sunglasses For Mick Fleetwood…

Earlier this year Mick Fleetwood from Fleetwood Mac came across Vinylize frames. He contacted them and requested a customized pair of record album sunglasses. Vinylize modified the Tosh to fit his nose and gold plated all the stainless steel hardware. The frame is made from the Fleetwood Mac Rumours album which has sold over 40 […]


How to Manage and Treat Ocular Rosacea…

A diagnosis of ocular rosacea is most easily determined if the patient also presents with the dermatological signs associated with acne rosacea- spider veins on nose and cheeks, however, in 20% of  cases, ocular rosacea can occur without skin evidences. This makes the diagnosis more complicated. Ocular rosacea is highly probable in people who report persistent […]


Curb the Sweets with Confetti Eyewear…

Do you love a good party? Do you plan your outfit weeks in advance? Is your favorite cake Fun-fetti? Are you up for ANYTHING?? If so ZanZan eyewear is has just the line of ZANY and SWEET spectacles for you! If there was ever a time to try ZANZAN eyewear’s “Avida Dollars” frames the time […]

Lime Shimmer

Shimmering Silhouette Eyewear…

Silhouette has recently added SPX Compose — a new ultra feminine collection — to its line of premium eyewear. This collection is crafted for individuals that seek a colorful, bold, and sophisticated design. SPX Compose features colors that range from cosmetic blush tones to vivid hues in its lime, merlot, navy, and bronze options. The […]

Style NY 85 in Blue

Colorful Charles Stone Eyewear…

UK based, Charles Stone Eyewear brings us lots and lots of color in simple shapes as not to detract from the rich hues. We are loving not just the gently uplifting styles in colors of purplish, pink, coral and blue. In fact, both the blue and the coral are very hard colors to find in […]

Buy Vision, Give Sight

Revo x Bono Join Together To Help Save Vision…

NEW YORK – July, 2015 –Eyewear brand Revo and U2 lead singer Bono announced a partnership today to help prevent vision impairment and blindness in more than 5 million people by 2020. The initiative, dubbed “Buy Vision, Give Sight,” will drive $10 million to the fight to improve access to eye screening, prescription glasses and […]